The Hotel Room of The Future

Our exciting initiative presented an immersive representation and report uncovering the hotel room of tomorrow, today. Designed and realised by Two’s Company Interior Design, The Hotel Room of the Future aimed to educate, excite and inspire. Read the full report here.

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For the Hotel Room of The Future, the interior designers Nicholas Sunderland and Gilly Craft of Two’s Company approached high profile companies and specialists in their field to work alongside them to create this unique and beautiful space for the Independent Hotel Show 2018.

‘Creating a room with 21st century technology, luxury, comfort and outstanding service for the guest, as well as seamless interaction with front of house and housekeeping, are the challenges of today’s hotelier,’ says Two’s Company. ‘The Hotel Room of The Future round table forum revealed that technology is important on both sides but should not be invasive or difficult to use. It should be intelligent and responsive, integrated into the room. Seamless use of technology, in automatically updating housekeeping with individual requirements, for example, and a front of house that responds without intrusion or delay, is the aim. In addition, the guest requires comfort, elegance and style that is unique and individual. Our choices to convey this are carefully chosen and researched to create a room with outstanding product and service.’