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Agilysys helps properties optimise Return on Experience for guests and staff so they can achieve High Return Hospitality. Agilysys is the only fully focused hospitality software provider that synthesises data and workflows across a property’s revenue and
service centres to elevate guest experiences and increase wallet share per guest across a singular platform. Employees who know more about each guest’s preferences during interactions can deliver more distinctive and efficient service, which leads to greater job satisfaction and staff retention. Guests who feel known and attended in special ways do more, spend more and recommend more as champions of your property.

The Agilysys Hospitality Cloud™ combines core operational systems for property management (PMS), point-of-sale (POS), and inventory and procurement (I&P) with Experience Enhancers™ that provide state-of-the-art security, mobile convenience and extensive digital interactions for guests and employees. This enables self-service, personal choice and payment options for guests; the ability to make better decisions and match service capacity to demand using real-time insights for staff; and scheduling control for both. Core solutions and Experience Enhancers are combined in Hospitality
Solution Studios™
tailored to specific hospitality settings and business needs.

Global customers include branded and independent hotels; multi-amenity resort properties; casinos; property, hotel and resort management companies; cruise lines; corporate and campus dining providers; food service management companies; hospitals; lifestyle communities; senior living facilities; stadiums; and theme parks.


Agilysys UK Ltd
1st Floor, York House
41 Sheet Street
United Kingdom


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