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How providing consumers with clarity on value-for-money can reduce reliance on OTAs


Unlike the pricing of items in retail, there are no regulated value-for-money signals with hotel rates. If value-for-money was clear to consumers when booking hotels they would book more confidently and be less easily persuaded by the urgency and scarcity tactics used by OTAs today. In this presentation Brian will demonstrate a new pricing standard that hotels can use to demonstrate value, improve conversion rates and depend less on OTA channels.


  • Brian Reeves, Founder - GOPPAR

Download the presentation here.

How successful revenue management acts as the basis for a secure future with increasing profits


With examples ranging from a small family business, a 700-bedroom city center hotel, management companies and small to mid-sized hotel groups, listen to HotelPartner in a discussion with hoteliers on revenue management, the challenges many hoteliers face, but where the opportunities lie and what is needed to increase top-line revenue.


  • Robert Holland, Managing Director UK & Ireland - HotelPartner


  • Ashish Gupta, Independent Hospitality Consultant
  • Arun Kumar, General Manager - Westmont Hospitality
  • Florence Alloing, Group General Manager - Georgian and Victorian House Hotel

Stand out to sell out

A look at how hotels need to showcase their differences, understand their audience and find strong routes to stand out amongst a strong competitive landscape. We’ll deep dive into marketing practices on every level of budget, explore location leveraging tactics and head back to basics on marketing strategies that every hotel should be adopting.


  • Petra Clayton, Director - Custard Communications


  • Kalindi Juneja, CEO - Pride of Britain Hotels
  • David Petitt, Head of Marketing - AB Hotels
  • Mark Radda, Founder - Radda Brand

How to cope with current challenges – revenue, qualified staff, digitalization & increasing costs

With rising costs, increasing uncertainty and challenges in recruitment, are external service providers the answer to many questions that hoteliers are looking for? Listen to HotelPartner, Hotelfone and Umi Digital as they get interviewed by a hotelier about the benefits of external collaborations, their services and how they successfully support hotels across Europe and the UK overcome the same challenges.


  • Harry Fielder, Managing Director - UMI Digital


  • John Stevenson, Managing Director - ZeroProcure
  • Serena von der Heyde, Owner - Georgian House Hotel & Victorian House Hotel
  • Roddy Whiteford, Founder & Managing Director - Hotelfone
  • Florian Augustin, CCO - Hotel Partner

Gen Z travellers: where and when are the zoomers spending their money?

80 Days will present their latest findings on Gen Z travel habits asking when, how and where this generation are spending their money. Come along to catch up on the latest trends and ask Sam any burning questions about the noughties travellers.


  • Sam Weston, Marketing Manager - 80 Days

Download the presentation here.

Hotels are not just a place to lay your head the future is multifaceted

It's the age old debate: how can a hotel generate additional revenue? How can businesses get a slice of these untapped money pots? There are some creative and dynamic minds out there, answering these very questions and putting their ingenius schemes into motion. Come along to this session to hear how inventive marketing and insightful offerings can combine to help you win big.


  • Peter Hancock, Speaker and Presenter - Hancock Speaks


  • Paul Bayliss MBE, General Manager - Hotel Brooklyn
  • Tara Robinson, Marketing Director - Eden Hotels
  • Chris Penn, Co-founder - Birch
  • Ben Harper, Group Managing Director - Watergate Bay Hotel, Beach Retreats and Another Place

Elevating the hotel restaurant

Chefs and General Managers face a daily battle with their menus: reduced and overpriced stock, calorie-counting consumers, and delivery delays are just the tip of the iceberg. But recipe creativity shouldn't have to suffer as a result. Talented chefs from across the industry discuss how they face up to these challenges and manage to present sustainable, creative, delicious dishes to their patrons.


  • Steve Walpole - Steve Walpole Ltd


  • Andy Britton, Head Chef - Howards House Hotel
  • Rob Jones, Executive Chef - Upham Pub Group
  • Veryan Palmer, Director - The Headland, Cornwall

ESG: How to save the planet (and your business)

We all know the benefits of running a socially responsible business, but how easy is it to achieve and what are the economic drivers behind it? How do you communicate your eco-friendly progress to your guests and consumers? We hear from environmentalists both from within and outside of the industry to see what can be learnt.


  • Jacqueline Kneebone, Regional Director for ESG - Lore Group London


  • Phillipa Hughes, Managing Director - The Bull Inn
  • Jenny Herrera, CEO - Good Business Foundation
  • Natalie Campbell MBE, Co-CEO - Belu water
  • Jessamy Beeson-Jones, European Sales and Marketing Director - Karma Cola

First steps on the path to a more compliant business model

As was laid out at COP26 last November, the hospitality industry has a lot of work to do. Hotels have been warned they must reduce carbon emissions by 66% in eight years time and by 90% by 2050. Join Considerate Group as they outline next steps in an industry wide bid for greater sustainability across the board.


  • Richard Williamson, CCO - Considerate Group

Download the presentation here.

What does it cost to be sustainable? Finance and funding in the world of ESG

Starting out on your sustainability journey can be a daunting prospect. Come along to this advice session where industry experts and fellow green hoteliers will share top tips on how to navigate the complicated world of eco-funding and the jargon that goes along with it.


  • Emily Newman, Co-founder - NewDog PR


  • Eljesa Saciri, Hotel Manager - The Zetter Townhouse
  • Louise Carr-Merino, Sustainable Hospitality and Leisure Awards Manager - Keep Britain Tidy
  • Sarah Duncan, Sustainability (ESG) Consultant - Author of The Ethical Business Book Sleeping Lion

State of the Nation

In this session we'll explore the big picture across Benelux's hotel industry. The last two years have been unprecedented, but how do we move forward? And where do we go from here? Join us to discuss the opportunities, implications and possibilities for you and your hotel.


  • Rosianne Kindler, Account Manager Benelux and France - STR- Leader in Data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights

Big Brand Thinking: Opportunities in A Post-Pandemic World

In this session we'll hear from three big name brands, from outside the world hospitality. Join us for ideas, inspiration, and to uncover the opportunities for your business.

Host: Thom Roelofs, Project Leader & Freelance Interviewer - Bookboon Publishers


  • Jos Kuilboer, Operational Director - Heineken
  • Maurits van der Sluis, Chief Operating Officer / Raad van Bestuur - RAI Amsterdam
  • John Harris, Vice President of Business Development - Freemotion Fitness

Experience Vs. Transformation: Stand Out from the Crowd

In today's world, consumers are seeking more than just 'experience'. They crave something authentic. Providing your guests with a meaningful stay, presents you with an unmissable opportunity to stand out from the crowd. But how can you connect with them on the most personal level?

Host: Ajay Kapur, Bachelor Program Manager - Hotelschool The Hague


  • Michelle Zandbergen, Owner - Hotel Craftsmen
  • Bruno Bont, Owner - Hotel Not Hotel
  • Niels De Jong, Head of Operations - CityHub

Through The Keyhole: How Well Do You Know Your Guests?

Collecting information from your guests is no longer enough, it's how you translate that information that counts! Join our expert panel as they discuss how hotel businesses of all sizes can manage customer data to optimise the guest experience and boost your bottom line.

Host: Patrick Brand, Co-founder -


  • Geert Buskes, Owner - Effecty
  • Frank Iwema, Founder - Franklyview
  • Tonco Tijdeman, Lecturer Information & Communication Management - Hotelschool the Hague

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