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Building A Sustainable Business Strategy

Sustainability in 2022 is about a whole lot more than how often you wash your towels. The modern, socially responsible hotel needs to look at its relationships with the environment, with its staff, with its community and with its stakeholders to implement long-lasting, positive change. In this session the professionals at the forefront of hospitality innovation share best practice and key insights into making your business more sustainable.

Host: Ajay Kapur, Bachelor Program Manager - Hotelschool The Hague


  • Roger Langhout, Managing Director - HCL International
  • Mike Bosman, MD - Blooming Hotels
  • Theo Bortoluzzi, Business Development Lead Europe - Kerten Hospitality

Create Sustainable Change to Your Hotel

The sustainability challenges we are facing are urgent. Be it climate change, the growing scarcity of raw materials or the loss of biodiversity. Hotels have an important responsibility and cooperation will be key. Cooperation in supply chains, with the community, with local government and with each other. It starts by taking small steps that trigger change in the right direction and by looking to the future. What breakthroughs do we need, with whom can we make this happen and what does this mean for what we do today? How can we involve our guests so that they contribute in the change that is needed.  A view from Jakarta Hotel and the Circular Hotels Leaders Group.

Host: Ajay Kapur, Bachelor Program Manager - Hotelschool The Hague


  • Froukje Anne Karsten, beleidsadviseur ruimte en duurzaamheid - Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Nico Evers, GM - Hotel Jakarta
  • Melle Schellekens, Founder - The Good Roll

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