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A-Z General Information and Regulations

Alcohol Consumption - Serving & Sampling

The consumption of alcohol within the halls during build-up and breakdown is not permitted. Alcoholic drinks will not be available from the catering outlets within the halls during these times.

Further guidelines on Alcohol Sampling can be found under Sampling. 

If you intend to serve Alcohol as Hospitality, please see the information under Catering – Stand Hospitality.

Badges & Passes

No one be allowed access to the halls without registering, whether exhibitor, contractor, or visitor.  This applies at each point of entry to the venue. During Build-up and Breakdown CDM Regulations include that everyone who needs to access the hall must have read and understood the Site Rules & Locations Plan that will be sent closer to the event and confirmation that they have been read and understood is required before entry is permitted.

  • Exhibitor Badges

You can register for Exhibitor Badges using the link on the homepage of your Exhibitor Hub. If you have any queries regarding Exhibitor Badges, please email   Once registered you will receive an email containing your badge.  These must be printed out in advance and brought to the event. The badge will carry your name and company. Exhibitor badges give exhibitors free access during build-up, open and breakdown periods.

Remember to order badges for any temporary staff you are employing to work on your stand.

  • Contractor Passes

Build-up & breakdown e-badges are valid only for the build-up and breakdown periods only. All contractor staff will need to register to have a build-up & breakdown e-badge. Access to the hall will require this e-badge or exhibitor badge.  

Click here to order to order build-up & breakdown e-badges. Please circulate as required.  

To ensure your appointed contractor receives this link to register please complete the Contractor Nomination Form and we will liaise directly with them to register their staff.   

Exhibitors must request build-up & breakdown e-badges for use by their own staff who will not be onsite during the Open Period.

  • Vehicle Passes

Vehicle passes are NOT provided by the Organisers for this event.  HOWEVER – it is essential that a slot is booked using Voyage Control – Olympia’s online traffic booking system – live from 1200hrs on 12 September. You will then receive a Vehicle Pass via email that you will need to show to the traffic marshals upon arrival (printed pass is advisable).  Please see Delivery of Goods.

Instead of you unloading your items, have you considered using our official freight forwarder. Why not send your items to their warehouse before the event. They can then bring your items with them and when you arrive, they deliver them to your stand. Stress-free set up for just a small fee.

Banking Facilities

If you require an ATM machine, there is one located just inside the hall.

Business Centre

Photocopying and IT facilities – including internet access - are available from the Business Centre located within the Olympia London Management Offices. The business centre is a running service, whereby the business services team will bring the items down and payment will be taken on the stand. Requirements will need to be sent via email to  

Breakdown Procedures

Breakdown Period:

Wednesday 16 October 1730 – 2200 hrs

Thursday 17 October 0800 – 1400 hrs


  1. All vehicles must book a time slot via Voyage Control - Olympia’s online traffic booking system IN ADVANCE - live from 1200hrs on 12 September. This system ensures you are able to collect exhibits straight away without delays onsite. Please ensure you have printed your Vehicle Pass to speed up the process.
  2. Early time slots will only be given to cars and light vans until 1900 hrs on Wednesday 16 October. After this time, larger vehicles (up to and including 7.5 tonne) will be able to book. 
  3. HGV (over 7.5 tonne) are not permitted on Wednesday 16 October. All HGV must plan to load on Thursday 17 October only. Please note, tenancy ends at 1400 hrs on Thursday.  

General Information:

  1. The exhibition closes at 1700hrs on Wednesday 16 October and the hall will remain open until 2200hrs. Contractors will not be allowed onto the exhibition floor until all visitors have cleared the building and it is safe for breakdown to commence (approx. 1730hrs).
  2. Under no circumstances are exhibitors permitted to remove any goods from their stand or commence breaking down their stand before the Exhibition closes.   
  3. Shell scheme exhibitors must remove all product, graphics and furniture by 2200hrs in order to facilitate the dismantling of the stands. If for any reason it is not possible for you to clear your stand by this time please contact the Organisers to discuss the possibility of storing goods overnight.
  4. If you can hand carry your items to a legally parked car. This is encouraged as the loading bay on Tuesday evening will be extremely busy.
  5. Do not bring vehicles to the hall until good are packed and ready to load.
  6. Power supplies to stands will be switched off 15 minutes after the close of the Exhibition unless an extension is specifically requested. Please contact before the show build-up.
  7. Trolleys must not be used inside the hall until all visitors have cleared the building.
  8. We recommend that you do not leave your stand or any items unattended during the breakdown period as this is a “high risk” time for security.  If possible, work in pairs, to avoid this. All portable exhibits, valuable items and any graphics or artwork required for future use should be removed from the hall as soon as possible.
  9. Exhibitors are encouraged to take anything valuable with them. Exhibitors who leave any exhibits or valuables on their stand during the first night of breakdown are strongly advised to arrange for a security guard to man their stand until the exhibits and valuables are removed from the hall.  
  10. Security will be in operation in the hall, but exhibitors and their staff are advised to take every precaution in safeguarding their exhibits and other valuables at all times during the breakdown.  
  11. Exhibitors are reminded that although the Organisers take every precaution to ensure the safety of the Exhibition, the Organisers, the venue nor any of their contractors can take responsibility for losses or damage that occur during the breakdown period.  
  12. Please co-operate with Olympia Traffic Staff – they are there to help! 

Car Parking

There is limited on-site car parking in the Motorail car park, a flat-surface car park with a height restriction of 4m. It is open from 0700hrs until one hour after the building closes (or one hour after the event closes on open days) and all parking is chargeable. Advance booking is strongly recommended, as spaces cannot be guaranteed otherwise – please visit for further details and to book..

Due to the limited parking available, we strongly recommend that you consider using public transport to reach the venue and contact our official freight-forwarding contractor, who will organise your stand deliveries and collections for you, see contact details under Delivery of Goods.  

The Olympia car park operates a pre-booking number plate recognition system. At the time of booking you will be required to submit your vehicle registration number. On the day of arrival, the registration details will be automatically read at the car park barrier. Once the number has been recognized you will be issued with your ticket. Please retain this ticket as you will need it on exiting the car park.

Amendments can be made online before 1800hrs the day before your first parking date. Failure to arrive in the correct vehicle with which you have pre booked for will result in another charge being debited. The initial payment will not be refunded. Please bring a copy of your booking in case of any problems.  

A list of parking FAQ’s can be found here.  

Catering Outlets

During Build-up there will be no catering outlets open. Outside the venue there are various shops and cafes within walking distance of the hall.

The following catering facilities will be operating during the Open Days:

Ground Floor

  • Eat Street, Live Well

Gallery Level

  • Coe’s

Catering retail units are cashless. 

Catering - Stand Hospitality

Exhibitors are not permitted to sell food or drink from their stands.

‘Host’ are the official suppliers of stand catering at Olympia.  If you wish to provide hospitality on your stand, you must obtain the food and drink from ‘Host’ by Gather & Gather.  This relates to Hospitality ONLY and does not affect sampling of your own products – see Sampling Requirements and Conditions.  Host are able to provide a range of items for exhibitors to hire. for more information on Hospitality Catering  Stand Catering Website or email  

 If, in the opinion of the Olympia Catering Department, an exhibitor contravenes sampling sizes or provides food and drink to visitors as hospitality that has not been purchased from Host, they reserve the right to charge the exhibitor a corkage or concession fee.  Please contact Host for more information.   

Corkage Fee

If you supply alcohol that is not your product, for any reason, which has been purchased elsewhere, the venue will charge a ‘Corkage Fee’ based on the costs below.  Once you have paid the corkage fee on alcoholic drinks ‘Host’ by Gather & Gather will become the licensee covering your stand and you will be briefed on the relevant licensing legislation. 

Champagne (70cl) £25.00 per bottle
Sparkling Wine    (70cl) £19.00 per bottle
Wines (70cl) £13.00 per bottle
Spirits (70cl) £37.50 per bottle
Beers (330ml) £2.50 per can/bottle
Soft Drinks and Mixers  (330ml) £2.50 per can/bottle
Fruit Juices and Mineral Water (per ltr) £2.50 per litre



No one under the age of 16 is allowed into the exhibition hall during build-up or breakdown.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

Charity Donations

This year, Independent Hotel Show will have a donation programme for exhibitors and has partnered with Royal Trinity Hospice. Find out more here.

What you can donate:

  • Décor items
  • Textiles
  • Books
  • Fashion
  • Accessories

Collection Points:

There will be two collection points when the show closes at 1700hrs on 16 October, please bring your donations to one of the below areas. Royal Trinity Hospice volunteers and the Montgomery Group team will be on hand to help:

  • Ground Level – Hotel Business Stage 
  • Gallery Level – Innovation Stage

If you have any queries please contact the organisers.


All gangways and communal areas within the exhibition hall will be cleaned overnight.

You and your contractor are responsible for removing and disposing of excessive waste from the exhibition hall. Waste materials (e.g. carpet, carpet tape, construction materials, flooring, furniture, food waste and pallets) MUST NOT be abandoned onsite.

All waste, except small quantities of litter, produced by your stand must be removed from the venue at the end of the end of the event.  Any costs incurred for the disposal of any large items, such as boxes of literature, carpet and stand fitting materials will be passed to you or your contractor.

Stand Cleaning
Stands will be swept or hoovered overnight. Cleaning excludes the wiping down of, shelfs, cabinets, exhibits, seating, and any other surfaces. Please note the cleaners do NOT mop floors.

Please contact Olympia’s cleaning department direct if you have any special cleaning requirements, such as window/glass cleaning or scrubbing of vinyl floors.

Olympia In-House Cleaning Services
T: +44 (0)207 598 2510

It is important that exhibitors clean their own respective stands, throughout the tenancy. Exhibitors should be responsible for supplying their own cleaning products and hand sanitizers and have appropriate safety data sheets with completed COSHH assessments for products used.

If you have a locked area on the stand - office or kitchen – that requires overnight cleaning, please leave a DUPLICATE key in the Organisers Office that will be retained for the duration of the show.

Code of Practice

During the open period please ensure your stand is staffed throughout the day and all exhibits remain on display during the published open hours. In order that no discourtesy is shown to last-minute visitors, we ask that no dismantling of any displays or exhibits commences before 1730hrs on Wednesday 16 October.

Delivery Goods

Please ensure that a representative of your company is onsite to receive and sign for deliveries. The Organisers are unable to sign for goods on your behalf. This is particularly relevant if you should decide to use a courier to deliver goods, who will often not leave them unless they have a signature.

If any deliveries arrive before the first day of tenancy Saturday 12 October at 1300hrs, they will be turned away and may not be re-delivered in time for the show open.

If you are making deliveries during the open days of the exhibition, these can only be made between 0800 - 0900hrs before the exhibition opens. Hand carriable items can be delivered any time via G Gate on Olympia Way.

Instead of you unloading your items, have you considered using our official freight forwarder. Why not send your items to their warehouse before the event. They can then bring your items with them and when you arrive, they deliver it to your stand. Stress-free set up for just a small fee. 

Please note Olympia cannot take responsibility for any deliveries. 

If you are located on the National Gallery, please take note of the goods lift sizes below. For Olympia National Hall – see lifts N7, N8 and N9:

goods lifts

Delivery of Goods – Vehicle Access

NB: Building work at Olympia has meant that the location of the loading bays have changed, please follow this link for an updated Unloading Map – unloading for the National Hall is in the Red Zone. Please access the site down Olympia Way and follow the directions of the Traffic Marshalls.

All vehicles delivering goods to Olympia, whether contractors or exhibitors, must book a slot using the online traffic booking system. For guidance please click here.

To book via Voyage Control, visit from 1200hrs Thursday 1 September.

Input your stand and vehicle details then choose your time slot:

  • If you do not know your vehicle or driver details, you can add these in at a later date
  • Print your vehicle pass and display it in the vehicle. Alternatively, you can show your vehicle pass on a mobile device and the traffic marshals will write you a pass to display.

Due to limited space in the loading bay, you may save time if you carry small items from/ to the car park before or after the show rather than booking slots in the loading bay.

Unloading times:

  • Cars - 30 mins
  • Van - 1 hour
  • Rigid Lorry - 1 hour
  • Rear-Loading Artic - 1 hour 30 mins
  • Side-Loading Artic - 1 hour 30 mins

All vehicles will need to be moved after their allocated time.

This system DOES NOT entitle you to park. Please see Car Parking.

Delivery of Goods – Freight Forwarding

Exhibitors, especially (but not limited to) those with goods coming from overseas, are strongly advised to use the services of our official freight forwarding company, see contact details below. 

ILS offer a door-to-door service, collecting your exhibits/ stand material from your premises anywhere in the world for direct delivery to your stand. They are also the only contractor who can provide forklift services in the hall.

ILS can arrange, under cover of a special customs bond, for exhibits to enter the country without deposit of duty.  

  • John Lawson 
  • ILS (International Lifting & Shipping) 
  • T: +44 (0)247 633 7955  
  • E:  

During Build-up and Breakdown an ILS Enquiry Desk will be located at G Gate and will be manned from 0800-1800hrs.

All exhibits and materials must be delivered carriage paid to the exhibitor at the stand.  The goods should be clearly marked with your company name, stand number and a contact/ mobile number in case of any issues:

Attn: (your company name and stand number)
Independent Hotel Show 2024

National Hall (Ground Floor or Gallery)
Olympia London Exhibition Centre
Olympia Way
Off Hammersmith Road
London W14 8UX   UK
(contact/ mobile number)

Delivery of Goods – Couriers

Small items below 50kg arriving by courier will need to be delivered to the Courier Reception Point at G Gate. This service is FOC, but you will need to collect your package from there.

Please mark your package as follows:

Independent Hotel Show Reception Point
Attn: (your company name and stand number)
G Gate,
National Hall,
Olympia London Exhibition Centre
Olympia Way
Off Hammersmith Road
London W14 8UX   UK

Dilapidations / Damage to Hall

Please remember that you are responsible for making good any damage caused to the fabric of the exhibition buildings – by you, your agents or contractors.  It is in your own interest to satisfy yourself as to the condition of your stand site before the building of your stand and after its clearance.

Disabled Access

Olympia London is well served for disabled visitors and exhibitors. There is a wheelchair lift in the foyer of the National Hall. For more information please click here. Each stand holder is responsible for making sure that all their services and products can be equally demonstrated to a disabled bodied person as to an able-bodied person. 

A limited number of manual wheelchairs are available for visitors to borrow from the venue. These are available on a first come first serve basis and can be booked here  


The Equality Act 2010 meaning of ‘disability’ is ‘a person that ‘has a physical or mental impairment which has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.’

Discrimination is when a person with a disability is treated less favorably than others would be treated and that this treatment in question relates directly to their disability, and it cannot be justified. Please note that it is unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person in refusing to provide, or deliberately not providing, to the disabled person any service which is offered or provided to other non-disabled persons.  This also relates to the standard of service which is provided to the disabled person or the manner in which it is given.

Stands must be designed in a way as to not discriminate against disabled visitors; this would include, among other things, access to displays, literature, hospitality areas and meeting rooms.

For further information and guidance on what constitutes a disability, please visit  and search for the Equality Act 2010.

Event Support Team (EST)

You will have onsite support from a dedicated member of the Montgomery Events team for your area of the floor who will make themselves known to you on Monday 14 October. The EST are there to help you in any way they can. Alternatively, you can contact the Organisers Office directly on 0207 598 6540/1 if you require assistance.


If you arrange for any filming on your stand, you must inform the Organisers as there are regulations which will need to be followed.

First Aid

If you require non urgent First Aid assistance, the Olympia Control Room can be contacted on +44 (0)20 7598 2411 alternatively internal telephones are located around the hall perimeter dial 2411. A qualified First Aider will be dispatched directly to any accident area if required. 

Medical Emergencies  

In cases of a medical emergency call Control +44 (0)20 7598 2666 or internal 2666 via the internal telephones located around the perimeter of the hall, giving exact location of the casualty and details of injuries sustained.  Do not under any circumstances call the ambulance services direct.  By involving Olympia Control, they can co-ordinate the ambulance staff and due to their knowledge of the hall, can direct them to venue and site of accident correctly and quickly. 

Floor Loading

The floor has loading for the National Ground is 2.15 tonnes per square metre.
The floor has loading for the Gallery level is 750kg per square metre.


Emergency gangways will be in operation during the build-up and breakdown of the exhibition. These must remain completely clear at all times. A detailed plan of which gangways are affected will be shown on the Site Locations Plan, issued prior to the show.

During the Open Period under no circumstances should any part of your stand, furniture, or exhibits etc. project beyond the boundary of your stand. Exhibitors should only work within the confines of their stand. Doors or windows must open outwards onto a gangway.

The exhibitor should not engage in any activity or employ any person or device that tends to create unreasonable congestion in the gangways in the opinion of the Organisers. 


Neither Olympia staff nor contractors’ personnel are permitted to accept gratuities for services rendered or service to be rendered. Please notify the organisers if any personnel solicit gratuities.

Hanging Signs/Rigging

Drop wires are NOT permitted at the Independent Hotel Show. This rule applies equally to any rigging in stand construction, advertising banners and lighting rigs.

Hotel/ Travel

HotelMap have been appointed as our accommodation partner to help you book your stay for the show. They offer a free service and have extensive knowledge in helping both exhibitors and visitors find the perfect accommodation. We recommend you book earlier (asap) to avoid disappointment.  

Please Click here to check availability, rates and book online. Alternatively, for assistance, contact:



Stand contracts with Montgomery Group require all exhibitors to have a minimum level of insurance cover of £5 million (or equivalent) in order to participate at the show.

Please note that, as the main contracted stand-holder, you are responsible for any loss, damages, claims, etc. arising out of your stand and the activities of any stand-sharers at the Exhibition. 

If there are other Companies sharing your stand, it is in your interest to ensure that they too hold adequate insurance cover.  Further details are found in the terms and conditions on your contract.

If you have any queries, please contact the organisers.

Lead Scanners

As an exhibitor at a Montgomery Group event, you will receive a free scanner app that allows you and your team to scan, store, and export lead data.  

If you have any questions or require any assistance with this, please contact

Licences (PPL & PRS)

If you intend to play pre-recorded background music or have live music on your stand during the course of the exhibition, you are required, by law, to obtain music licenses.

Please visit


Goods lift sizes and loadings:

Please note for the show, we will have use of lifts 7, 8 & 9 only (located in the National Hall)

There is a passenger lift in the North-West corner of the national hall which will be operational during the Open Period.

Lost Property

Any lost property found should be deposited with our onsite security company in the first instance. Security will hold onto any lost property until the end of our tenancy, and then it will be logged with the venue.  

Low Emissions Zone

Olympia Exhibition Centre falls within the “Low Emission Zone – LEZ”. Please visit which will explain the system to you. Click here for more information on how to make payment for the LEZ. This will affect deliveries and collections from the venue, if your vehicle(s) does not comply with the new regulations.  

The LEZ is not the same as the Congestion Charge zone in Central London and the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). It is worth checking whether you are driving through central London to get to Olympia Exhibition Centre as there are different charges for ULEZ and Congestion zone, click here for more information if required.  

Cars, motorcycles and small vans (under 1.205 tonnes unladen weight) are NOT included. 

Direct Vision Standard and HGV Safety Permit - If you drive an HGV over 12 tonnes GVW in Greater London at any time you will need an HGV Safety Permit to show that your vehicle meets the new Direct Vision Standard (DVS). Vehicles without a permit will be subject to a penalty charge notice. Applying for a permit is free, click here for more information.  


Exhibitors showing films, creating excessive noise, or using audio visual aids that disturb adjacent exhibitors will be asked to reduce the sound to an acceptable level (a maximum of 60dB at the edge of your stand).  If this is not to the satisfaction of the Organisers, they will be asked to cease such activities in the interest of the overall exhibition.

Organisers Office

The Organisers Office will be located inside the National Hall entrance foyer. This will be staffed each day during the build-up, open and breakdown periods from 0800 – 1800hrs.

Our contact number once onsite is: 0207 598 6540/1

*Please do not call this number before 1300hrs on Saturday 12 October. If you have any operational queries before this time, please contact Jess Miles on +44 (0)207 886 3022.


If you are intending to offer visitors the opportunity to sample your products, please inform the Organisers as we will need to send you a Food and/or Alcohol Sampling Form and further information.

The official caterers, HOST by Gather & Gather, have made the following dispensation about the sampling of exhibitor’s products. Exhibitors may give away tasting samples of their products subject to the following conditions, no larger than:

  • Soft and Hot Drinks - 50ml (1.75 Fl oz)
  • Alcoholic drinks:
    • Spirits or similar - 5ml (0.18 Fl oz)
    • Wine/Alcopops or similar - 25ml (0.9 Fl oz)
    • Beer/Cider or similar - 50ml (1.75 Fl oz)
  • Unwrapped food - “bite size” portions
  • Individually wrapped items

In addition, the following conditions apply:

  • No Cooking on stands in permitted however heating-up pre-cooked food is allowed.
  • All sampling must be contained within the stand.
  • Any stand offering food and/or drink is by law categorized as a food premises and is therefore subject to legislation under the Food Safety Act 1990.
  • You will need to make sure that your stand staff comply with the current Environmental Health Regulations governing the handling and sampling of food/ drink product.
  • Allergen Law - provide allergen information specific to the food/drink being sampled.  This information must also be displayed / available on the stand.

Alcohol Sampling Information

You can only supply samples of alcohol that are your own product or that of a stand sharer.  In compliance with current legislation both the sale and supply of alcohol must be licensed under The Licensing Act (2003), therefore, sampling is also a licensable activity. If you wish to supply alcohol (except that provided by the official caterers, ‘Host’ by Gather & Gather), whether for onsite or off-site consumption, you must adhere to the sampling sizes and supply the name of a Personal Licence holder, together with a copy of their licence. If you require more information on Personal Licence Holders, please contact the Organisers.

Under the terms of the Licensing Act 2003, the venue stipulates that all stand holders serving and / or sampling alcohol must notify the Organisers by completing the Health & Safety Declaration including Food / Alcohol Sampling Form. Please take note of the restrictions on the form.  For more information please visit:  


Security will begin at 0800hrs on Saturday 12 October.

Exhibition halls are vulnerable places, particularly during the build-up and breakdown periods.  Please take a few moments to consider how you can look after your products and belongings whilst onsite.

Security advice for exhibitors

  • Delegate one member of staff to be responsible for safety and security at the exhibition. 
  • Do not leave cash, handbags, mobile phones, valuables, etc. in unlocked drawers, cupboards or on exhibits on the stand.  Do not leave wallets or purses in unattended jackets or coats.
  • Cover your stand or at least valuables on your stand at night with fabric or material so they are out of sight, to deter an opportunist theft.
  • Do not ask neighbours to look after the stand, as they may get too busy with their own.
  • Exhibitors should arrive prior to the official opening time and not leave their exhibition stand at night before all visitors are clear of the show.
  • Check all lockable desks and cupboards before leaving the stand.
  • Never leave the stand unattended.
  • Any exhibitor with small valuables which they wish to leave on the stand, should provide themselves with a lockable cabinet or other safe storage area.
  • Do not lock goods away in hired cabinets on breakdown evening. The furniture contractor will be collecting these items on Tuesday evening.
  • Any exhibitor wishing to change their stand exhibits during the open period must do so between 0800 - 0930hrs daily.  Contractor Passes or Exhibitor Badges will be required for this period.
  • Please note that build-up and breakdown days are high-risk periods.  Ensure the stand is staffed at all times. Do not leave the stand unattended to get your vehicle.
  • Please report anything of a suspicious nature immediately to the Organisers Office onsite.
  • Please do not hesitate to check with the Organisers on any security problems or queries.
  • If you find something is missing notify the Organisers Office and the Security department immediately, giving all relevant information.


Olympia London is a no smoking venue including the use of e-cigarettes. There are external, designated smoking areas on Olympia Way.

Special Exhibits or Activities

Please note any company intending to exhibit the following exhibits: cars, motorbikes, any engine driven vehicle, balloons etc., water features, or have activities on the stand not previously covered in this manual, such as massaging, tarot readings etc. must advise the Organisers in writing as special rules and regulations and licensing arrangements may apply. 

For example, balloons may be used as part of the stand display. However, the topside of the inflated balloon must not exceed the stand build height limit of 4m. It must not under any circumstances be released into the roof. Exhibitors are liable for any charges incurred whilst retrieving, or damage caused by, loose balloons. 

Stand Sharers

It is essential that we know if, and how many, companies are sharing a stand.  The stand holder is responsible for advising the Organisers of any company sharing their stand. Please contact your Account Manager or any other member of our Commercial team – their details can be found here.

If sharers are not registered with us, they will not appear on the website OR be listed on the Show Map.

Storage (Packaging)

If you wish to store packing cases for the duration of the exhibition, contact our freight forwarding agent – International Lifting & Shipping (ILS)

On no account should exhibitors store product or empty packing cases behind their stands as this presents a fire risk. Offending items are liable to be removed and destroyed without warning.  All product storage, for the duration of the show, should be contained within the stand area. Alternatively, exhibitors can re-stock their stand each morning between 0800 - 0930hrs.

We are not able to offer accessible secure product storage for the open period of the exhibition.

The venue cloakroom will open 30 minutes before the show and close 30 minutes after the show has closed. It is located next to the National Hall foyer entrance. Stewards will direct visitors. Please note Olympia National cloakrooms can now take Contactless and Apple pay. Please note, the cloakroom will accept coats and personal items/ belongings only. The cloakroom staff will not be permitted to take products, or storage containers. 


Everyone is talking about ‘Going Green’ and becoming a sustainable business, but what are people actually doing about it? Beginning to ‘Green’ your stand is easier than you think and all you have to do is start thinking waste.


REDUCE the amount of production and disposal materials involved in your stand build and displays in order to reduce/ eliminate waste. If you cannot REDUCE it, then when you are done, can it be RE-USED? As a final option, can it be RECYCLED?

In addition, click here for our Sustainability & Waste Policy and advice. 

Should exhibitors and visitors bring their own re-useable cups to purchase a hot drink, they will receive a discount at all of Olympia's catering outlets. In addition, water bottle refills are readily available from water fountains and all catering outlets free of charge. 

Tool Kit/Hygiene Box

It is useful to have a box onsite where you store all the useful bits and pieces that can easily be forgotten.  This should include things to help with the dressing of your stand such as scissors, velcro, double sided sticky tape, rubbish bags etc. Also include stationery such as coloured pens, writing pad, paper clips, and stapler etc for use throughout the exhibition. 

PLEASE NOTE: Trolleys are NOT available to hire onsite so we would recommend bringing your own.

Travel to Olympia

It is quicker and easier to travel to Olympia by public transport. 

Vehicle Entrances

Outside of the show open hours the National Hall is accessed through the following entrances:

Off Olympia Way:

Vehicle entrance for build-up – Off Olympia Way, access the venue at H Gate. 4.4m hight

G Gate (4.4m H x 4.1m W)

Access to National Gallery is via Goods Lifts 7, 8 & 9. See lift sizes under Lifts.

If you arrive on foot to set up or break down your stand, please use exhibitor entrance next to main national entrance to enter the venue. Please work closely with the traffic marshalling team who are there to help you.

Venue Address

Independent Hotel Show 2024
Olympia Exhibition Centre
National Hall
Hammersmith Road
London W14 8UX   UK

*Olympia Renovation Notice – ‘On-going site development works’

Olympia is undergoing a £1 billion redevelopment project which will transform the venue into a world-class cultural hub. During Independent Hotel Show 2024, there may be some restricted areas due to this on-going work. As Organisers, we are aware of this, and have put in place all measures to ensure that these will not cause a disruption to your event experience. You can find out more about the development plans here


Olympia provides free unsupported Wi-Fi throughout the exhibition halls. If you require a more reliable connection, you can purchase Wi-Fi or a wired connection for the stand.

Please click here to view prices and order Internet Services for internet connection options online.