The Innovation Stage in Partnership with eviivo

The Innovation Stage in Partnership with eviivo



A huge supporter of the show from year one, we are delighted to welcome eviivo back this year on a grander scale; bringing bright ideas and added value to our audience.

We speak to eviivo CMO, Thomas Messett about why the show works for them and what our hotelier guests can look forward to.



You're a strong supporter of the Show, having exhibited for several years now. Why the step up to partnership level this year?

We're keen to have a bigger presence and bring more value to our clients and the wider group of hotels that attend the show through our best practice knowledge and data. We felt the step up would give us a much stronger platform to do that.

What kind of hotels do you pick up at the Independent Hotel Show? Do you measure the quality of the client by number of rooms or another way?

We look for clients that have a great story to tell, clients that guests will love and who offer something really special or unique. IHS brings a lot of great independent hoteliers together who have those qualities and that is what we look for, not how many rooms they have.


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What kind of return on investment do you experience as being a part of the Independent Hotel Show year on year?

We generate a good number of leads, yes, but we also get face time with many of our existing clients, which is invaluable. The ROI is good enough for us to be confident in stepping up to a full partnership.


What are you bringing to the table to make sure this year's Independent Hotel Show is the best yet? 

Data, experience and more data! We want to explode some of the popular myths about marketing online and really help hoteliers and accommodation providers understand the opportunities out there and how to exploit them to the full!

What's hot, what new at eviivo?

We're rolling out a lot of exciting new features in the run up to IHS 2016 and we're going to be sharing some great new stuff at the show. Right now we're very excited that since IHS 2015 - where we launched eviivo marketplace (giving small independent hotels access to major discounts from all kinds of providers including major brands like Apple, Hotpoint and HP) - we've saved our customers a combined total of over £56,000!

What are you most looking forward to as a part of this year's Independent Hotel Show?

To put it simply: Sharing our experience with some great hoteliers!

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