5 Design Tips for your Hotel Lobby

5 Design Tips for your Hotel Lobby

A hotel lobby must be three things; functional, stylish and comfortable. It is the first impression guests receive of a hotel, and acts as a central hub of activity, so these three essential elements must in be harmony to create a practical and aesthetically-pleasing space.

To achieve excellence, it is vital that the design is well planned out and beautifully executed, so here are five tips to consider when designing a hotel lobby.


1 - Before planning, consider the theme

First impressions are incredibly important in any design project. For hotels, the lobby sets the expectations for arriving guests, giving them an insight into what their room may be like, the standard of the hotel, and ultimately the value of their stay.

It's important that the lobby complements the theme of the hotel. For instance, a contemporary lobby, with state of the art gadgets and sleek modern chairs, wouldn't be cohesive with opulent French boutique-style guest rooms. This may seem like an obvious comment, but when it comes to furniture choices, mistakes can be easily made. The concept of the hotel must be consistent throughout the building, starting with the lobby.


2 - Create an ambience

Once the theme of the hotel has been established, the design plans can get underway. It's important to consider what you want guests to feel when they first step into your hotel. There are a few obvious choices, like wanting them to feel welcome, but you may also want them to feel intrigued or captivated.

In terms of furniture, for a traditional concept, elegant chaise longues, upholstered in plush cream material will create a certain grandeur. Whereas for a more contemporary feel, clean lines emphasised by brushed metals and stainless steels will add an undeniably industrial touch.


3 - Provide comfortable social areas

Indeed, the unofficial concoction for a good hotel lobby is one parts style to two parts comfort. After all, guests will still visit the lobby to sit back and relax during their stay. It's also a great place for them to meet up with other guests, so including social areas is essential to a successful lobby space.

Clusters of seating, such as these fashionable options from Style Matters, with magazines and books on-hand, are the perfect way to give guests a stylish social space in the lobby. Alternatively, you could opt for cocktail chairs and coffee tables for a more open and casual look. If you're expecting a lot of guests visiting for business trips, then giving them the option to have a quick coffee in the lobby can make all the difference. You could opt for a machine or even consider adding this functionality to the reception area.


4 - Be practical

Of course, the lobby must still serve a variety of practical purposes. While creating the right atmosphere and selecting the perfect pieces of furniture is important, these elements become rather redundant if a guest can't find the check-in desk.  

Ensure that it is clear where guests can check in or make enquiries. Signposting the location of the lifts, restaurant and guest rooms is also a small but necessary touch to make sure that guests don't feel the need to ask where everything is.

Consider the needs of your guests and provide services accordingly. Are there many guests who are on business trips? Provide dedicated areas where they can access the internet for flight check in. Is your hotel geared towards families? Provide information about nearby children's attractions, and so on.   


5 - Remember the finishing touches

Finally, don't overlook the finishing touches that will give your hotel lobby an edge. Non-visual features such as smells and sounds will add to the experience of your hotel, and create a charming environment.

While being aesthetically pleasing, adorning your lobby with vases brimming with flowers will also fill the space with delicate scents. What's more, hiring a pianist during the evenings will add an extra touch of opulence. Of course, a pianist won't be appropriate for every hotel, consider your hotel's concept and make an informed choice accordingly.


Style Matters specialises in bespoke upholstery and fixed seating to set your hotel apart from the rest. Be sure to visit us at stands 103 and 184 at the Independent Hotel Show to see our luxurious design solutions in person. You can also visit our website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you're interested in arranging a consultation, please get in touch by calling 01565 740 342.


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