We are delighted to be continuing our regular webinars into 2021 with Q&As from leading industry figureheads to support the communities we serve. These online networks have been created with you in mind to keep you connected to your industry, motivated and supported.

Insightful content from our industry

  • Luxury & Hospitality Futures 2020: Trends Rising

    As we enter the post-pandemic period and green shoots of recovery emerge in some global markets, luxury brands face a choice: digitise and democratise or remain bound to the way things were. Join The Future Laboratory’s co-founder, Chris Sanderson as he examines the eight trends powering luxury and hospitality, including the digital futures, the rise of solitary escapes and privacy-first technology.
  • The Evolving Traveller’s Journey and the Three Leisure Travel Trends You Need to Know

    The booking behaviour, on-trip expectations, and post-trip loyalty of leisure travellers are rapidly evolving and demanding that hoteliers think differently or get left behind. Click below to listen to Amadeus Hospitality's podcast on the evolving traveller and the trends emerging for 2021. In this episode, Jacki Brown, Director of Product Marketing at Amadeus, dives into industry research and data that highlights the most important travel behaviour trends and what the hospitality industry needs to do in response.
  • SRA’s Top Ten Sustainability Tips for 2021

    As hopes grow for a fresh start for the new year and the world's prorities have been given new focus, the Sustainable Restaurant Association have compiled their Top Ten Sustainability Tips for the food, drink and hospitality industry to strive towards in 2021. Check through this list of valuable sustainable actions to make sure your business is taking the right steps forward.

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