A work environment with a touch of luxury

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Dome Deco

Hoteliers are invited to enter The Lobby, a central networking space at the heart of the show. An oasis of calm and tranquility, The Lobby serves as an area to work and network. By using a unique combination of furniture items, textures and styling, Dôme Deco will transform the area into a cosmopolitan space for any type of meeting.

The Lobby is an excellent example of how to showcase the ‘lounge’ feeling; creating different types of seating areas with high-quality one-seaters, comfortable chairs or bar chairs. Guests are invited to choose their space in The Lobby for either a formal or informal conference with your contacts – this could be a meeting area at the bar or perhaps in a relaxing corner on a Dakota couch.

Dôme Deco’s design combines the colours golden yellow, terracotta and brown to provide a calm, but energetic working space. Their popular "Marais" bistro tables series deliver the necessary space to work. It’s a perfect mix of relaxation and concentration. 

“The Lobby will be a space where every single individual will feel welcome and at ease. It’s the perfect environment for inspiring brainstorm sessions with a client or a relaxing conversation after a busy day with your colleagues.” – Britta Cerneels, Interior Architect, Dôme Deco

The Lobby will be open to explore and purchase food from 10.00 - 17.00 both days of the show.