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Roddy Whiteford

Roddy Whiteford

Founder & Managing Director, Hotelfone

Having spent his entire career in the luxury hotel sector Roddy Whiteford identified a niche in the market to provide reservation support of the independent luxury hotel sector and established Hotelfone in 2011.

The success of the business means Hotelfone are now partnering with 80+ luxury hospitality businesses in the UK and Europe and handles over 250,000 calls per year. Recognised as a market leader in this field, Roddy and his team have established a highly successful way to deliver excellent revenues, necessary support and a streamlined guest booking experience to hotels. This is delivered against the current reduced staffing pressures at hotels.

Hotelfone supports hotels with a team of over 40 hospitality professionals to handle inbound calls, emails  and increase your direct bookings. With the use of new technology their booking support service is delivering superb results for hotels.