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Mark McSorley

Mark McSorley

Hotel and Residences General Manager, Quinta do Lago

Mark McSorley is the Hotel and Residences General Manager for Quinta do Lago. He serves as a luxury hospitality executive. Being a global nomad who is both emotionally intelligent and commercially astute allows him to have a focused outlook as a hotelier and to be a capable leader who is driven to exceed objectives while delivering service excellence. Within the spaces that he oversees, he actively encourages a collaborative and positive workplace to facilitate a mutual opportunity to nurture and thrive.

Mark has a background and years of work experience with premium luxe lifestyle hospitality brands. Prior to Quinta do Lago, Mark worked at the Magnolia Hotel as the general manager(same group, part of QDL) prior to this, he was the Hotel Director with Celebrity Cruises, Inc.

Among his management as an esteemed hotelier, Mark focuses immensely on the innovation and trend forecasting of his industry, striving to expand his already multifaceted knowledge of ownership and entrepreneurship into even more diverse and well-rounded expertise. He has a true passion for curating new solutions to ever-changing market conditions and customer needs. 

Mark studied at Shannon College of Hotel Management, and Cornell University. In 2020 he earned his Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management Certification from Cornell.