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Mallika Basu

Mallika Basu

Consultant, Basu Consulting

Mallika has over two decades of experience in communications and strategic advisory, with projects including the launch of D&D's South Place Hotel, reputation management for the likes of Coca-Cola and Nestle and stakeholder engagement for inwards investment agencies and the government. During this time, she has also been a food writer, broadcaster and commentator on the food, drink and hospitality sectors. She set up a consultancy in the pandemic to provide culturally-relevant and sensitive communications and counsel.

Since then, Mallika has trained over 800 people in the industry and beyond on cultural sensitivity, diversity and inclusion with clients including the Sustainable Restaurant Association, Jamie Oliver Group, Dishoom and Waitrose. She supported the sensitive and respectful development of a new range of Cooks' Ingredients at Waitrose and wrote Borough Market's 2030 strategy with a focus on diversity and inclusion, sustainability and local community. She was named one of Code Hospitality's 100 women of the year in 2022, as well as 100 most powerful people in Europe's Travel and Hospitality by the Global Hospitality Institute in December 2022.