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Hitesh Patel

Hitesh Patel

Sustainability Business Manager, Planet Mark

Hitesh Patel is a Sustainable Business Manager working at Planet Mark, a sustainability consultancy which certifies and supports SME progress in the transition to a net zero world.  In his role, Hitesh specialises in assisting retail, food and drink and hospitality businesses.

In a previous role, Hitesh ran his own sustainability consultancy and worked alongside a UK based world food importer and distributor.  He was part of a team that identified better ways to grow rice without releasing GHGs during production stages, saving water and increasing the financial compensation to farmers by 10%.

Prior to that, Hitesh was Head of Sustainable Partnerships for an International Wildlife and Conservation charity. 

He has completed the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership Course and ‘Environmental Sustainability’ at Lincoln College.

Hitesh enjoys learning about how we can live more sustainably, is a keen reader on the subject and tries to incorporate sustainability into everyday life.