Chris Penn

Chris Penn

Co-founder, Birch

An experienced founder, operator and curator of lifestyle hospitality experiences.  A career spanning 25+ years has seen Chris operate hotels across a broad spectrum of markets, including the lifestyle segment within which he has become renowned. 

After successfully launching Ace Hotels into the UK in 2013, Chris decided that it was time to break free from delivering other people’s visions and to build his own.  Chris left employment in late 2016 with a vision to make a positive impact on people’s lives through his new hospitality ventures.  After many ups and downs and having written 100s of business plans, he successfully concepted and launched Birch in 2020, an award winning, game changing new brand in the sector.  Chris is currently developing and nurturing more of his own new concepts and assisting some exciting people and brands that hope to transition into and make an impact in the lifestyle hotel industry.