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Andrew Evers

Andrew Evers

Group Director of IT, Rocco Forte Hotels

I began my journey in technology in 1997 and found my specialism in luxury hospitality by accident in 2008, moving to a full time IT leadership role in the sector in 2011 with Red Carnation Hotels. Since then, I've been honoured to work with some of the most beloved and famous luxury hotels in the world. I've always enjoyed the fast-pace and high-pressure combination, as uniquely blended by tech and hospitality. In 2021, I was honoured to be recognised as HOSPA's Inspirational Technology Leader of the Year -ten years after first attending the ceremony. Today, I lead the technology team at Rocco Forte Hotels as an executive committee member.

Following the pandemic, we're experiencing a hospitality tech renaissance, as the industry rapidly catches up! This has led to a surge in tech-enablement and a confused marketplace. Especially in our luxury sector, it's a careful balance between tech-touch and human interaction. 

The dawn of broad-scope commercially packaged AI technologies may well bring a new revolution, but one can't overstate the complexities and sensitivities involved, as we look for opportunities to wield such capabilities. There's at least as much excitement ahead as behind!