The Independent Hotel Show’s Perfect Hotel Bedroom Report, presented by Chic Retreats

Cover of The Perfect Hotel Bedroom Report

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew exactly what your customers wanted in their hotel bedroom? How easy it would be to tailor your rooms to make them so attractive and so perfect that they wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else… every hotelier’s dream!

At the 2017 Independent Hotel Show we unveiled the Perfect Hotel Bedroom Report. Based on consumer research of 2,000 respondents to a survey and carried out in partnership with Chic Retreats, the report outlines guests’ preferences for lighting, soft furnishings, technology requirements, windows, bed-making and amenities.

Within this, there are overriding trends, which have enabled us to present some concise findings for you, which may or may not influence decisions you make in developing or renovating your hotel bedrooms in the future!

The Perfect Hotel Bedroom report was brought to life at the show in an installation built by Harriet Forde Design with exhibitors’ products furnishing the room. Maning that not only did the Perfect Hotel Bedroom report provide hoteliers with sharp insight into what consumers want in a hotel bedroom but the room itself provided a brilliant talking point for visitors to the show.


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