What better way to wake up than with the aroma of fresh, quality coffee filling your hotel room? Choosing quality coffee for your hotel guests is a demonstration of your commitment to excellence and dedication to customer service.

But what is quality coffee?

For us at Nespresso quality starts with the beans and, most importantly, the people who grow them. At the heart of this is our desire to ensure our coffee is responsibly sourced. By fostering direct relationships with more than 70,000 coffee farmers in 12 coffee-growing countries across the world, and taking an interest in their needs, their farms and how they are managed, we can guarantee the quality that our customers have come to expect.


Jaime and Blanca Eraso on their coffee farm in Colombia


We believe that each cup of Nespresso has the potential to create greater value for both society and the environment, which shapes our Positive Cup vision. That is why, in 2003, we created the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program. The aim of the programme is simple – to work with farmers in ways that are not only environmentally friendly but that also improve their livelihoods, whether that’s through pension plans, improving working conditions, streamlining their management systems or giving technical assistance from our teams of 300 agronomists at farm level. For us, taking care of our people and the environment in which the beans grow is what makes our premium quality coffee. The results for the farmers? Better working conditions including wages, hours, and housing.

Take Nespresso coffee farmer Don Lucio in Guatemala; for years, the changes in climate, and years of deforestation have threatened the biodiversity once ideal for growing high quality coffee and eroding his way of life. Through the agroforestry expertise of the AAA Sustainable Quality Program, and the advice from Nespresso agronomists, Don Lucio has been able to replant thousands of trees to help stabilise the ecosystem.

In the highlands of Nariño, Colombia, Jaime Elias Eraso and wife Blanca look after a two hectare coffee farm. To help save valuable resources and boost efficiency, Nespresso agronomists have helped them manage their farm, controlling the quality of the water, improving record keeping and providing more training for those who work on the farm. For Don, Jaime and Blanca, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program has improved their working lives and changed their families’ fortunes for the better.


Nespresso AAA farmer Jaime Eraso 2 1

A certified Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality farm in Costa Rica


Sustainability is more than a trend

According to research we conducted with The Caterer magazine the UK’s consumers are similarly concerned with where their coffee comes from: the majority of those surveyed said that they were interested in the origin of the coffee served by establishments. Customers are becoming increasingly involved in the story – and the people – behind the products they consume. This is not just a transient consumer trend, but a gradual change in the way people consume products.

To find out more about our sustainability commitments but also our range of 13 Nespresso coffees in our Business Solutions range, visit us at our stand at the Independent Hotel Show this year to speak with a member of our team. Find out about our Professional Machine ranges for hotel restaurants, cafes, reception areas and meeting rooms, as well as compact in-room machines that provide the perfect opportunity for guests to start their day on the right note.

Over the course of the two days, we are hosting a series of workshops at our stand, no. 184, to look at the science behind coffee and food pairing, designed to enhance your understanding of this gastronomic feat. We look forward to seeing you there!

Find out more about the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program at www.nespresso.com/positive/uk/en/sustainability


by: Jean-Baptiste Coutant, B2B Commercial Manager UK & Ireland

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