Telling new research suggests the landscape of luxury is changing

Independent Hotel Shows 2019 Report

At this year's Independent Hotel Show we unveiled of the Conscious Bedroom and its accompanying report.

Based on nearly 2,000 respondents to a survey, carried out in partnership with Criton, the report explored how the landscape of luxury is rapidly changing.

The eight-page report was unveiled in an exclusive panel discussion, hosted by Hamish Kilburn of Hotel Designs, joined by Olivia Richli, general manager for Heckfield Place; Sue Williams, general manager for Whatley Manor; Alex Harris, the creative director for Harris + Harris and Xenia Zu Hohenlohe, managing director of Considerate Group.

With 76 per cent of holidaymakers feeling that hotels could do more to be greener and become more eco-friendly, it’s clear that the hotel industry is ripe for change. But, understanding the difficulty of implementing a 360-degree sustainability policy, The Conscious Bedroom Report breaks down the deliverables into specific actions according to perceived importance.


As consumer demands push hotel designers towards consciousness, we tasked London-based Harris+Harris to bring The Conscious Bedroom report to life; providing hoteliers with sharp insight into what consumers want in a hotel bedroom as well as a brilliant talking point for visitors to the show.

The room was intended to feel as thought it was located within a historic building, rather than a new build, in a nod to the prominent older building throughout the UK, and featured everything from recycled car-tyre underlay from Axminster, to art with the lowest environmental impact in a curated ARTIQ collection

The report is now available online (pdf), but limited hard-copies remain. You can request a complimentary one This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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