What are NewBook’s USPs?

What separates us from the competition and what makes our platform unique, is the ability of both the PMS and CRM systems to provide a complete spectrum of services and solutions which can be individually tailored to any business - regardless of size, industry or organisational complexity; all integrated within one single, cloud-based interface. NewBook are focused on delivering customer driven software. We update regularly every 8-10 weeks taking in to account feedback from our clients on new features or modifications that they suggest. We pride ourselves on our customer service – you can always get hold of us on the phone or will receive a response through our support ticket service. All our development is done in house to ensure new or adapted function changes are smooth and the updates are seamless.

Why did you decide to become a Gold Partner for IHTechQuest?

NewBook’s ethos has been built around innovating, updating and communicating. We are partnering for IHTechQuest as we believe now is the time for Hoteliers to take the plunge and move their businesses forward, taking advantage of up and coming technology. Hoteliers need to ensure they cater for all demographics and to do so need to use different methods to create targeted communication as well as streamlining the day to day running of the business. The need to future proof the business is more apparent now than it ever was; Gen-Y have grown up with this new technology and expect hotels to accommodate for this – this is where NewBook can help! What do you expect to gain from the show / what are you most looking forward to at the show?

NewBook eSignature Tablet optimisedWhat do you expect to gain from the show / what are you most looking forward to at the show?

This year we really want to bring people into the culture of NewBook and give the visitors a chance to see what we are about. NewBook is backed by resources, expertise, developers, infrastructure and our own data centre which enabled us to build a complete new, cutting-edge reservation management system from the ground up. We want to help hoteliers move away from the restricting legacy systems and allow them to be flexible with their guest approach. Our stand is going to be very different this year and you can be sure we won’t be missed! We are looking forward to showcasing some new products at the show this year that will help hoteliers grow their brand recognition with Gen-Y’s and increase revenue.

Have you exhibited at IHS previously?

We have exhibited multiple times before at IHS and it is the best exhibition in our events calendar. The show is well organised, and they know their target audience; as exhibitors we find the show is well balanced and not too diluted as we have experienced with other organisers. We get to meet an array of new prospects and have the chance to catch up with our current clients in one place. They are content focused, ensuring that both visitors and exhibitors get the most out of the exhibition. We have been so happy with the previous years’ exhibitions that this year we are partnering with IHS as their headline sponsor for Tech Quest. It encapsulates everything we believe about technology in the industry so we’re keen to spread the word!

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Working for a forward-thinking company is a pleasure; no day is the same and there is always something new to be learnt. As the company is so customer focused, we know our clients on a first name basis and think of our customer base as part of the NewBook family, not just clients. One of the most rewarding things about the job is finding solutions for the client whether they’re at the enquiry stage or have been with us since the beginning. NewBook’s flexibility allows clients to work in their own way and customize the system to their liking.

If a hotelier is looking to improve the efficiency of their property, what top tips would you give them to ensure they do it right?

  • Take time to clearly think about how you wish to segment your customer base and get your PMS to automate your communication with them based on specific rules and follow up actions.
  • Ensure that your guests have access to information about their booking easily, giving you the opportunity to upsell to them at the same time for your restaurant, spa, activities etc.
  • Offer your guests an automated check in process if preferred.
  • Make sure your system is working as hard for you as your staff are. Modern systems can alleviate a lot of work from front of house staff to make sure they can focus on being there for the guest and pre-empting their needs

What do you predict to be big in hotel tech in the next year?

  • AI will be key in learning about guests and predicting their behaviour/needs. Not only will this be part of the booking process with automotive booking agents responding 24/7 based on text or speech enquiries (see NewBook’s launch of NEWB.I.E. at our stand) but will also begin to learn about guests’ habits allowing the development of better predictive algorithms to make their stay truly unique.
  • With so much pressure on Hoteliers to be present in social media and appeal to social influencers, technology like VR will enable their brand to put people directly in the hotel before they choose to stay there. •
  • Growth in digital assistants – we know how popular the likes of Amazon’s Alexa and Goggle’s assistant are in home, hoteliers and technology companies (such as PMS) will embrace these to allow guests to use speech commands to take advantage of services such as ordering room service or housekeeping.
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