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27 Jun 2023

Walk for wellbeing this October

Walk for wellbeing this October

Walk for wellbeing

October 2023 will see the fourth edition of the Walk for Wellbeing initiative, a UK-wide sponsored walk launched by Hospitality Action ambassador Craig Prentice in aid of the charity. 

Designed to support those who work or have worked within hospitality, the walk also encourages industry professionals to take charge of their health and wellbeing while helping raise awareness and vital funds. 

The nationwide annual event, taking place this year between Saturday 30 September and Sunday 15 October, will see thousands of people walk across the UK in organised walks in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Bath and Bristol. For those who can’t make one of the walks, they can also walk it their way.  

Craig Prentice, founder of hospitality talent partner mum and founder of Walk for Wellbeing, says that the origins of the idea came at the beginning of the first UK lockdown.  

“I sit on the London Board for Hospitality Action,” he explains. “At that time, the charity was focusing its resources on supporting people in need through their services, such as its employee assistance program, helpline and grant support.  

“It was a time of separation, stress and anxiety for many, and I remember thinking there was an opportunity to bring people together to raise awareness and promote wellbeing for those in our industry whilst also supporting the work of Hospitality Action.  

“After some discussions with key figures and volunteers, we launched our first Walk for Wellbeing in 2020. To date, the walks have helped raise £120,000, which is testament to those who have walked, partnered, supported or donated.” 

Physical and mental wellbeing is a hugely important topic in the hospitality sector, Craig continues.  

“Hospitality roles can be particularly full-on at times in terms of pace, hours and volume of work, meaning that the responsibility to promote wellbeing sits with us all. We do such a terrific job of looking after our guests and customers, but more needs to be done when it comes to ourselves and each other.  

“Walk for Wellbeing is not just a sponsored walk, it’s a community event that connects people from across the industry from all backgrounds and provides an opportunity to purposefully highlight and champion wellbeing and the work of Hospitality Action. We all have a part to play, whether it be through participation, sponsorship or sharing and promoting the event through your networks and social channels. 

“Mental health issues, the cost-of-living crisis and fear of homelessness are at an all-time high. More than half of those who contact the charity for support directly reference mental health issues with the overwhelming majority also struggling with household debts.  

“Thanks to our walkers’ fantastic efforts, money raised has helped those affected by surging heating and food costs, cleared arrears for those at immediate risk of homelessness and funds a free 24/7 Hospitality Action helpline and counselling sessions for those in need.” 

This year’s edition of Walk for Wellbeing is set to be the biggest yet, with one of the big focusses being to make the event as flexible and accessible as possible for those who might want to take part.     

In addition to the organised walks taking place around the country, participants can also ‘Walk It Your Way’ in a location of their choice between Saturday 30 September and Sunday 15 October, encompassing World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10 October.  

“Naturally, we would love to see as many people as possible at our nationwide hosted events on Sunday 8 October,” Craig concludes. “But it’s more important that people don’t feel limited by that and have the option to do less or split a certain distance over a number or days for example. The key message is to get outdoors, spend quality time with family, friends and colleagues and do what you can at the most convenient time.” 

Registrations for this year’s Walk for Wellbeing are now open. For more information and to sign-up, please visit 




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