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15 Sep 2022

Taner's Sons to explore sustainability and circular design at Independent Hotel Show 2022

Taner's Sons to explore sustainability and circular design at Independent Hotel Show 2022
A past hospitality design project by Taner's Sons

Taner's Sons

One of the major design partners for the Independent Hotel Show 2022 is Taner’s Sons, who will be bringing to life the show’s Social Business Space.  

This flexible space is designed for hoteliers who are joining informal roundtable discussions on some of the key themes from the events seminar programme, which this year include the importance of sustainability accreditations, catering to Gen Z travellers and hospitality’s staffing challenges.  

We caught up with Taner’s Sons to learn more about the business, and their plans for the space.  

Tell us about Taner’s Sons 

We are a disruptive design studio creating inspiring spaces and memorable experiences. Founded by two brothers and now a team of six creatives. Located in London, we work globally with projects in the UK, Switzerland, France and Cyprus.  

Not conforming to one sector, we work in workplace, hospitality and residential which ultimately enables us to understand how people live, work, and socialise. It is being able to jump from designing a restaurant to a huge office building that makes our hearts sing. We do what we do so that we can work with people who want to make a difference in the world.  

What are some design trends that are exciting you at the moment? 

The ‘trend’ of being caring for our environment and next generations. The dreaded buzz word of sustainability. But I will use it if it gets everyone doing the right thing for the planet. This connection with nature really nicely ties in with our ‘sculptural’ design style. Even though we keep a close eye on current projects, we don’t tend to follow trendy designs. They age easily.  

The one thing we can latch onto, however, is the ‘trend’ of being caring for our environment; sustainability. Although it has become a bit of a buzzword, if it gets everyone doing the right thing for the planet – let’s do it. This connection with nature nicely ties in with our design style generally. 

What do you have to keep in mind when designing spaces for hotels? 

Speaking with the head of design at a huge hotel chain recently, it seems like fast decoration (a bit like fast fashion in our environment) has become a bit of a thing. Source cheap and you can change in six months. Something that totally goes against our ethos! In other hospitality environments this approach of fast decoration would simply not last as the tables/chairs would break within a matter of weeks. And we decided to base our concept for the Social Business Space on this and raise awareness of circularity and longevity. 

Tell us about your plans so far for the Social Business Space 

The theme for our space is BarCODE. Playing on the idea of fast decoration. Buying more, buying cheap, replacing a few months later. We think this is opposite of what a sustainable business should do as we all must take ownership. Therefore, we are creating a morphed barcode graphic on our feature wall and creating walls that play on the randomised distancing of the bar codes. We are curating furniture items from really interesting manufacturers.



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