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26 Sep 2022

Oxley’s have created a truly circular business for hotels to optimise

Oxley’s have created a truly circular business for hotels to optimise


Oxley’s have been making sustainable luxury outdoor hotel furniture from recycled aluminium for more than 30 years. They have now gone one stage further on sustainability by instigating a buy back scheme that means all their furniture can eventually be reprocessed back to new. They also offer to lease furniture to hotels for specific time periods, along with a renovation service for existing aluminium furniture made by other

The company believes it has come up with a truly sustainable, circular solution for Boutique Hotels specific outdoor furniture needs.

By using 100% recycled aluminium in the manufacturing process Oxley’s saves 95% of the energy needed to create new aluminium, and due to it being infinitely recycled it can be used over and over again and won’t lose its quality.


Image: Oxley's offers a furniture renovation service for hotels. 

A circular economy demonstrates the process of using, consuming, restoring and reusing raw products or materials thus extending a products life cycle, or in Oxley’s case, ensuring their sustainable outdoor furniture has no end of life. Moving away from a ‘take, make, waste’ economy benefits the environment, customers and the business. Oxley’s are able to instigate this because they have their own Cotswolds factory which produces all their furniture and to where it can be returned for reprocessing back to new.

The company has made its name creating beautiful outdoor furniture settings for some of the finest boutique hotels in the world. All furniture is made exactly how each customer wants it, totally fitting their vision of how they want their outside customer areas to be.

Simon Hudson, managing director of Oxley’s Furniture states: “We have always made luxury outdoor furniture in a sustainable way so it is logical that we should be the first in our industry to take this next important step of making Oxley’s a truly circular business. Just because we make furniture to last generations, doesn’t after all mean it has to stay in the same family!”

Oxley’s are a prime example of taking full responsibility for their products and ensuring there is no end of life. For customers, this means they can own the furniture they want risk free. For the business, it means highest quality materials can be sourced directly from customers. For the environment, it means less energy is used and less waste produced.

For more information, please visit, contact via or 01386 701 894 or meet the team on Stand 1835. 






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