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30 Sep 2022

FCS is taking on broader Europe

FCS is taking on broader Europe


Two new offices have opened in France and Turkey to focus on helping hotels better manage their operations through FCS’ state-of-the-art technology, namely FCS1.

As the hotel industry recovers from the pandemic, hotels across Europe seem to have gained awareness of the importance of technology. While the pandemic has been challenging to the industry as a whole, it has done wonders for the digital adoption era, as people have had to learn to rely on technology.

In a landscape where a portion of hospitality workers have had to pivot to other industries to survive the pandemic, a shortage in manpower has been noted across the world – including Europe. While hotel chains have heavily adopted technology, more independent hotels are now starting to understand this need, especially given that manpower
shortage has forced them to have more efficient operations.

For this reason, FCS Computer Systems, headquartered in Singapore and a recognized leader in Asia, is setting anchor in Europe through the hiring of Regional Hospitality Tech experts all across the old continent. While the team was initially only based in the UK, two more offices have opened in both France, and Turkey – focusing on France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, as well as Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, & Bulgaria - with strong ambition to move into the Nordic countries.

With an amplified and localized coverage of the region, FCS aims to help hotels improve their operational efficiency through a user-friendly solution, by automating their processes and maximizing the output of various departments such as Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Guest Relations.

Selin Daglaroglu, who recently joined FCS and is overseeing Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, & Bulgaria, shares "FCS1 is not just an advanced technology software, it is a pioneer
that takes the hospitality industry to the next level. It not only meets the needs of guests but also helps hotels provide efficient service by automating processes for them to use their resources adequately. Over 2000 hotels around the world offer fast personalized service thanks to the FCS modules. As a former hotelier, I can't wait to introduce FCS1 to more hotels!"

Also debuting on FCS1 is Incident Management solution – just in time for the Independent Hotel Show in London on October 4–5. FCS1 Incident Management helps hotels address and resolve guest complaints in a timely manner - increasing guest satisfaction and loyalty, as the Holy Grail of KPIs for hotels.

Stuart Derricott, who has been overseeing the Europe market for the past two years, identifies clear winners: “Since the launch of FCS1, our one-stop solution, we've seen hotels all across Europe implement our newest technology very intuitively. While chains have heavily adopted FCS1, our big winners were Independent Hotels as they had previously been navigating the industry without much guidance. We've been able to hold their hands through the journey with state-of-the-art technology, and have seen very positive responses all along.”

Stuart adds, “The increasing interests that have garnered for FCS1 have led to some very exciting partnerships which will be revealed in the next few weeks”

Stay tuned!

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