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11 Aug 2022

Experience the Tom Dixon Travel Collection at Independent Hotel Show 2022

Experience the Tom Dixon Travel Collection at Independent Hotel Show 2022

Buzz Let's Create, a global design company working across luxury amenities, prestige skincare, textiles and loungewear, tabletop and serviceware, tech, audio and more, will be on Stand 917 showcasing a range of products including the new Tom Dixon Travel Collection.

Iconic British designer Tom Dixon is renowned for creating extraordinary objects and spaces and is a widely celebrated global force, with retail hubs in London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and LA and distributed to over 70 countries worldwide.

With expertise in designing remarkable interiors for multiple hotels, Tom Dixon is bringing his style and flair to a range of amenities for the first time, featuring his unique Underground fragrance.

With a commitment to innovation, sustainability and honest ingredients, the Tom Dixon Travel Collection is specifically designed for distinction and to elevate the senses.

For Tom Dixon, travel is synonymous with adventure, playing an integral role in inspiring design, exploring craftsmanship and innovative materials, and finding new ways to design sustainability.  

“I like the idea that travelling can be more than an exploration of new places but also encounters for the other senses – taste or sound, but also scents”, said Tom Dixon.

The Tom Dixon Travel Collection is the ultimate skincare for the modern, conscious adventurer.

The amenity range features the Tom Dixon Underground fragrance, an evocative blend of ginger, cardamom and vetiver, and nourishing botanical ingredients.

“Underground is a reference to the hidden world of creativity that is always happening invisibly in music, in fashion, in art. It’s instantly recognisable, fresh, cleansing, unisex, and rarely used in the perfume industry”, according to Tom Dixon.

The collection is available in a full range of formats, including large bottles available with a custom designed bracket solution.

The collection is not tested on animals, follows a created-with-care ingredient philosophy, and uses bottles produced from 100% recycled plastic.

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