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01 Jun 2023

The Exhibitor Edit: ATADesigns

The Exhibitor Edit: ATADesigns

The Independent Hotel Show catches up with long-standing exhibitor ATADesigns to learn more about the business and its founder, Annette Taylor-Anderson. 


Tell us briefly what your business does

My company is called ATADesigns, surface design specialist. I create designs for wallcoverings, murals and fabrics for the hospitality, retail, commercial, healthcare, care homes and residential market. ATADesigns has two meanings, the first being my name, and the second is that I have an “Artistic Tailored Approach to Designs”.

What differentiates your brand to competitors in the market? 

I always find this a difficult question to answer, but what I will say is when I work with a client, I do love to design bespoke, for example, It could be bringing specific things from a project surrounding into a design to create something unique just for the client. I love to work with historic elements especially from buildings, so I get excited when I can add a bit of history relating to a project into a design.

As a returning exhibitor to the Independent Hotel Show, what brings you back this year? 

I have been exhibiting at the Independent Hotel Show since the beginning many years ago, and I have never missed a show. I like that the Independent Hotel Show is focused and ticks all the right boxes for my business. 

There is a great vibe and a fantastic target audience that includes decision-makers looking for, new products, new ideas etc. I enjoy networking with old and new exhibitors while making future connections. 

Can you describe your experience exhibiting at Independent Hotel Show? 

  • Buzzing; There’s always an exciting atmosphere at the show.
  • Opportunities: Over the years, I have been given the opportunity; by the organisers; to show off my skills by creating backdrops for the show’s main stages.
  • Being well looked after by the organisers, I love that.

Why is your product a good fit for independent and boutique hotels?  

My products are a good fit for the independent and boutique hotels, because whilst the visitors are looking for something new and unique to decorate their premises, I can certainly provide this with my bespoke design service for wallcoverings, murals and fabrics.

What will you be showcasing on your stand this year?  

I’m not sure yet as it is a little too early to decide; maybe something to do with nature again a strong possibility.

Are there any exciting trends that you’re seeing in the hotel sector this year?  

I have been busy with projects, so I have not looked at any trends in the hotel sector. If I am being honest, I tend not to follow trends as I like my designs to stand out from the crowd.

What advice would give for any new exhibitors joining the show in October? 

My advice would be:

  • Prepare well before the show and in good time.
  • The exhibitor portal is a great place to showcase your work before the show, so add pictures of your products and fill out as much as possible, meeting all the necessary deadlines.
  • While you are at the show, relax, have fun, and enjoy.
  • If you get stuck with anything before and during the show, the organisers are helpful and willing to help make the show a success for you.
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