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15 Aug 2022

The Exhibitor Edit: Adam Clarke, VP of Sales and Marketing at RoomRaccoon

The Exhibitor Edit: Adam Clarke, VP of Sales and Marketing at RoomRaccoon

AdamCan you introduce yourself and give us an overview of your background in Hospitality?

My name is Adam Clarke, and I am the VP of Sales and Marketing at RoomRaccoon. As VP, I oversee our global Sales & Marketing teams and proudly contribute to RoomRaccoon’s Senior Leadership Team, alongside the founders Nadja Buckenberger and Tymen van Dyl.

While I did have a brief stint working part-time at a hotel in my younger years, the majority of my hospitality know-how is from the solutions side. Over the past decade, I’ve worked in Senior Management positions in travel technology companies.

What’s RoomRaccoon’s mission to serve the hotel industry?

RoomRaccoon was founded to empower independent hoteliers with an all-in-one solution to maximise revenue, streamline operations, and delight guests. We serve thousands of hotels globally with our technology, helping them achieve their full potential in a highly competitive industry.

What differentiates your brand from competitors in the market?

Intuitiveness. Our Hotel Management System is easy to use whilst being incredibly powerful. Trust me, that's no small feat. We've taken a page out of Apple's book, aiming for products that not only look amazing but also do amazing things, eliminating the need for a manual.

The landscape of our industry remains fragmented, with a significant number of hotels continuing to rely on outdated legacy systems. Even among the "new" HMS / PMS companies, there seems to be a lack of genuine consideration for the needs of hoteliers. Seriously, it's 2023 – if your PMS makes booking a room feel like online shopping, it raises legitimate questions about alignment.

At RoomRaccoon, we're all about hoteliers, for hoteliers – that's who we are at heart. Our founders have walked in the shoes of our users, running their own independent hotel for several years, and I think that really shines through.

roomraccoonAre there any exciting trends that you’re seeing in the hotel sector this year?

Hotels go beyond just providing a place to rest your head. Currently, TRevPAR takes the spotlight as a key metric. Hoteliers are actively exploring ways to enhance the guest experience while increasing guest revenue. From what I can see, the trend of focusing on experiences and exploring alternative revenue streams is in full swing.

In this context, technology steps in as a powerful facilitator. Think online check-ins and check-outs, automatic payment processing, upselling through automation, and seamless guest communication. These innovations not only boost revenue but also free our hoteliers to dedicate their energy to welcoming and caring for their guests.

We also see our users embracing new ideas within their hotels. From co-working spaces and day rooms to pop-up shops and even temporary tattoo parlours, the creative juices are flowing.

roomraccoonAs a returning exhibitor, what brings you back to the show?

We are big fans of IHS at RoomRaccoon. We have been exhibiting at the London show for a while now, and this year we even took the spotlight as the main show sponsor in Amsterdam. We’re also looking forward to joining the debut show in Miami in September.

We are all about Independent Hotels – that's where all our energy goes. This event attracts a diverse crowd, including many of our existing clients and potential prospects. Engaging with fellow hoteliers is something I truly relish, and each show leaves me reinvigorated.

Additionally, the prospect of reconnecting with our partners and industry peers at the exhibition is something I look forward to. There's a certain charm in unwinding with a couple of beverages after the event concludes, providing a relaxed environment for catch-ups and conversations. It's a guaranteed good time!

What can our hoteliers expect to see and experience on your stand in October?

Welcoming and approachable hospitality experts. Plus, we're gearing up to unveil an amazing new feature at IHS that I’m excited to show to both our current and upcoming customers. Be sure to drop by Stand 1318 and check it out for yourself!

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