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30 Sep 2022

Enter the Concept Lab: Sir Woofchester's

Enter the Concept Lab: Sir Woofchester's

The Concept Lab at the Independent Hotel Show is an opportunity for up-and-coming, innovative brands to showcase their products and services to the show's audience of independent and boutique hotel owners. One of these exciting new businesses is Sir Woofchester's, purveyor of delicious doggie meals, and we caught up with Sales Director David Wright to learn more about the evolution of the brand.


Tell us a bit about your business 

Sir Woofchester’s specialises in trade supply of dog friendly products to the UK’s hospitality and tourism sector. We have holiday welcome products, plus various innovative dog treats & menus.   

What is your offering for hoteliers? 

 We provide two things:

1. A unique Dog Menu for your hotel’s bar or restaurant, including dog snacks, dinners & beverages.

2. Bedroom and holiday welcome packs.


What is your approach to sustainability?

Sir Woofchester’s is “Ethical Brand Award” accredited. Our dog treats are baked in wood-fired carbon-neutral ovens…And next the entire business is looking at carbon-neutral.

Why have you decided to join the Concept Lab at the Independent Hotel Show? 

Visitors to the Independent Hotel Show are the perfect fit for our target trade demographic. And the Concept Lab is a unique and easy way to showcase Sir Woofchester’s to them!

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