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23 Sep 2022

Enter the Concept Lab: SensorFlow

Enter the Concept Lab: SensorFlow

The Concept Lab at the Independent Hotel Show is an opportunity for up-and-coming, innovative brands to showcase their products and services to the show's audience of independent and boutique hotel owners. One of these exciting new businesses is SensorFlow, and we caught up with the team to learn more about the evolution of the brand. 


Tell us a bit about your business

It all started back in 2016 when our founders, Sai and Max recognised that hotels are one of the biggest victims of poor energy efficiency.

SensorFlow then started developing a solution for hotels, a system to increase energy efficiency while keeping it something that was easy for hotels to manage. After much development and testing, we created the Smart Room Energy Management (SmartREM) system, a smart building management system. It’s an AI-driven system that uses IoT technology to help hotels improve their energy efficiency, increase operational productivity and overall become more sustainable.

Over time, we developed a SaaS product, Smart Room Allocation (SmartAlloc), a hotel Property Management System (PMS) integration that helps hotels using VRV/VRF heating and cooling system save energy through energy-efficient room allocation.

We have been working since conception in Singapore and recently expanded into Europe, something we’re really excited about as there are so many fantastic hotels in Europe that we can’t wait to work with and can benefit hugely from the SensorFlow technology.

What is your offering for hoteliers?

We offer efficient energy management systems to hotels to help reduce energy consumption and costs.

With SmartREM, our wireless sensors detect live room occupancy status in hotel guest rooms and send instructions immediately to automatically switch the Heating and Cooling off or change it to a more energy-efficient setting when guests leave the Heating and Cooling running in an unoccupied room.

As for SmartAlloc, using the system we consolidate hotel room bookings in an energy-efficient way, reducing the number of compressors that are running.

What is SensorFlow doing to protect the planet? 

SensorFlow provides solutions that reduce energy wastage for hotels, one of the biggest victims of poor energy efficiency. As we make every hotel more energy-efficient and sustainable, together, we reduce carbon emissions and ultimately help save the planet.

Why have you decided to join the Concept Lab at the Independent Hotel Show?

Luxury and boutique hotels will benefit from SensorFlow's technology, especially with energy prices being at an all-time high now. We want to showcase how our products can help hotels become more sustainable, energy-efficient, and operationally productive.  


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