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14 Sep 2022

Discover luxury, natural skincare products from H2k Botanicals

Discover luxury, natural skincare products from H2k Botanicals

H2k Botanicals

H2k Botanicals will be bringing its collection of luxurious toiletries and skincare products to the Independent Hotel Show, a natural and vegan range with sustainability at its core. 

Tell us a bit about H2k Botanicals, how/when did the company start and what do you do?

Whilst I founded H2k in Year 2000, I spent many years previous to this, formulating and developing scents and oils which I hoped one day would help people with sensitive skin like myself. By the year 2000, I’d created a full collection of toiletries and by 2001 a unique skin care collection. All our products are created with a special oil from the Namibian desert which helps to calm the skin. Some of our first B2B contracts were with boutique hoteliers but as the brand grew we gained national hotel chains and within 3 years, we were exporting to the Middle East and seen in some of the best hotels in the world.


What will you looking to discuss with hoteliers at the Independent Hotel Show?

What we love about the shows is learning from our hoteliers how things are changing and how we can adapt our style of products to suit them.  We’ve been producing for over 22 years now and what comes with that, is a wealth of experience and knowledge. Whilst we create some amazing products, we love hearing if there is anything “new” our customers want so we can make it for the future.  I personally loves the creative side of the business so this is “music to my ears”.


Why should hoteliers be paying attention to the wellbeing trend?

Well-being is the way forward not just in the B2B world, but as a “way of living”. Most of us are leading busy lives whilst trying to keep healthy at the same time and as such, finding that “work-life” can prove quite difficult. Many hotel guests are choosing to have a break-away, but are often working at the same time, so that “switch-off” time isn’t as easy as it once was.  As such, if a hotelier can create a “relaxing guest experience, whereby the guest feels a “wonderful sense of well-being” then they’ve been very successful. Post lockdown we are all generally wanting a “break” to be super amazing, as we’ve had too long without a holiday. As such, guests’ expectations are generally higher than in previous years. This is where H2k can help providing additional “sleep-well” guest products and calming toiletries.


Tell us about your zero waste policy

During lockdown we spent a lot of time assessing packaging and ways we can help the environment. Whilst all our products are not tested on animals, our zero waste policy is equally important to our ethics and future generations. Here at H2k Botanicals we recycle all our waste and use bio-degradable packaging.  Where possible, we also source our products and packaging locally, reducing our carbon footprint. 

H2k Botanicals can be found on Stand 1210 at the Independent Hotel Show. View our full list of suppliers here. 

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