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26 Sep 2023

Design Command unveils the design for the Hotel Business Stage at Independent Hotel Show 2023

Design Command unveils the design for the Hotel Business Stage at Independent Hotel Show 2023

Design Command

Independent Hotel Show is delighted to be working with Claire McDonald and the team at Design Command to bring the Hotel Business Stage, in partnership with HotelPartner, to life. 

The Hotel Business Stage at this year’s event will be a hub of practical advice and actionable insights for visitors to the show. Building authentic brands, delivering world class service, mastering hospitality recruitment, refinancing, outsourcing F&B and the potential applications of AI for hotels, are just some of the topics up for discussion on this busy stage.   

Design Command has returned to the Independent Hotel Show for a second year as design partner, this year transforming the Hotel Business Stage into a striking space inspired by formalism, a stylised form of filmmaking.  

Using a colour palette of greens, pinks and oranges, Design Command will be playing with warm and cool colours and using light to create a sense of depth, perspective and contrast. The resulting design will be visually stunning, and the use of colour will create a vibrant and eye-catching space, stimulating insightful discussion and debate.   

We sat down with Claire McDonald, Founder of Design Command, to learn more about the business and its approach to hospitality design. 

Why does Design Command want to work with boutique and independent hotels?

Design Command would love to work with more boutique and independent hotels because they offer an opportunity to create unique spaces and memorable experiences for guests. Independent hotels may be smaller and more intimate than chain hotels, which gives us the freedom to be more creative with our design. We can also tailor our design to the specific needs and interests of the hotel's owners and guests.

Boutique and independent hotels are also often located in different and interesting destinations, which gives us the chance to showcase the local culture and history through the design.

What do you have to keep in mind when it comes to designing hospitality spaces?

There are many factors that we consider when designing hospitality spaces. The main inspiration for the space usually comes from a combination of the building’s architecture, site location, client’s vision and operator’s requirements but we will obviously also keep budget, timeline and other functional requirements in mind.

It is no longer about making an interior that looks good and beautiful on the surface – it has to feel impactful. Impactful when occupying the space, but equally when you leave, to have a memory of the space. It is often a sense that brings those moments back – sound, scent, touch.

It’s about all the senses working together, as wellbeing and wellness has become important to everyone.

Which suppliers are you working with for the Hotel Business Space design?

We are lucky to have been working with many suppliers that have helped us bring our design to life. Suppliers include Tektura, Bree’s New World, R&S Robertson, Richmond Interiors and Fredericks of London.

Tell us about Design Command's approach to sustainability

Sustainability is important to us in every project we undertake. We look for suppliers producing sustainable products and like to utilise local businesses where possible in the sourcing of design elements. With the Hotel Business Stage design we sought to work with suppliers committed to reducing their impact on the environment. The furniture and lighting from the stage will also be returned and reused.
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