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16 Aug 2023

Bottleproof Cocktails expands recyclable paper bottle cocktail range

Bottleproof Cocktails expands recyclable paper bottle cocktail range

Bottleproof Cocktails, which be found on Stand 1411 at Independent Hotel Show 2023, expands its recyclable paper bottle cocktail range ahead of this year's event. 


Passionate about protecting the environment, Cambridge-based Bottleproof Cocktails were proud to be the world’s first premixed cocktail company to release Espresso Martini and Pornstar Martini in ground-breaking 94% recyclable paper bottles in September 2022.

Made from 94% recycled cardboard the bottles are 5 times lighter than glass with up to 6 times less carbon footprint. Behind the bar they are lighter to carry and far less likely to break than glass.

Such was their success that the range has now been extended to mean that six of Bottleproof’s cocktails are now supplied in this format – including a non-alcoholic cocktail.  As well as being more eco-friendly for customers, the paper bottles will also help reduce commercial refuse costs so it is a win, win.

Bottleproof Cocktails has been supplying exclusively to the On Trade since 2016. Creating premium premixed cocktails, they have helped customers serve premium cocktails quickly and consistently and with very little training. All the cocktails are created using a double measure of branded spirit; fresh juices and frequently include Bottleproof exclusive syrups.

The range of cocktails now offered is the widest on the market at 30+ cocktails which embraces classic cocktails; Bottleproof creations and non-alcoholic cocktails.

This does not include all of the bespoke cocktails they create as well! It's not just the Bottleproof team who believe that they create great cocktails, judges across a number of competitions say so as well meaning that Bottleproof is now proud to show 28 Awards across their portfolio which is the highest in the premixed cocktail category.

Find out more about Bottleproof Cocktail here


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