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04 Sep 2023

5 questions with...The Fish Hotel

5 questions with...The Fish Hotel

Introducing The Fish Hotel, one of the stunning hotels shortlisted for Independent Hotel of the Year at the Independent Hotel Show Awards, in partnership with Preferred Hotels & Resorts.


Describe The Fish Hotel in three words 

Fun, adventurous & relaxed.  

What makes The Fish Hotel unique? 

The Fish has a truly guest-centric experience that encourages humour and a sense of fun. Our team has adopted a flexible and ‘access all areas’ approach’ so that all our guests feel welcome and at home before they even arrive on site. Rather than following rules of formality, we indulge the inner child of every guest and aim to rekindle childhood feelings through an emotional connection reminiscent of staying with a beloved family member.

Created as a back-to-nature bolthole, The Fish delivers an experience that really entertains, whether through rope bridges leading to our Treehouses or “press for booze” intercom buttons fitted beside our hot tubs and outdoor bathtubs. As opposed to being told what they can and can’t do, guests at The Fish are asked what they would like to do. 

What’s the best thing about being an independent hotel? 

Being an independent hotel, with caring and nurturing our team at our heart, we have adopted a culture where every team member feels emotionally engaged in what the business is doing and staff feel that they can contribute to The Fish’s success and so strive to enhance the guest experience in every possible way.  

We encourage all team members and guests to be custodians of 500-acres of Cotswold countryside that surrounds the hotel, and work each day to create an eco-conscious foundation for future generations and support locally through employment, suppliers and supporting local and national charities. 

What keeps guests returning to your hotel year-on-year? 

With an exciting mix of accommodation, including chic shepherd’s huts, three treehouses, rooms and suites, a vast array of activities for all ages, from axe-throwing and hovercrafting to archery and falconry, and the opportunity for guests to tailor their stay to their unique wants and needs, each stay at The Fish differs from the last, so guests feel encouraged to return time and time again to make new memories. 

With a “rush to help” mentality, our team at The Fish does everything they can to ensure guests feel relaxed, valued and welcome. We proactively act on feedback to ensure we are continuously improving and providing the best experience and service for our guests.  

Why should the industry vote for The Fish Hotel to win Independent Hotel of the Year 2023?

The Fish as a brand is young at heart, innovative with a sense of luxury and fun, and our team works together to deliver this at every touch point. Creativity is fostered within every aspect of the guest experience, by pushing the boundaries of tradition and innovating welcome and service.

For example, traditional, and sometimes uptight, reception areas have been replaced by a more personal, relaxed experience, whereby guests are invited to sit on the sofa by the crackling fire to check in with our welcome hosts; guests can borrow wellies from the Boot Room, wash off their dogs in the outdoor dog bath, buzz for booze and room service whilst in the hot tub of the Hideaway Huts, run across the rope bridges to the Treehouses and explore the estate as though it is their own.

Traditional group dining is a thing of the past with the Fish offering an outdoor BBQ experience called Feasting on The Deck. Designed for fun, relaxed group celebrations. The Fish was one of the first of its kind to pioneer a new kind of hotel stay, one that tears up tradition and pushes boundaries.


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