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24 Aug 2023

5 questions with...Aviator

5 questions with...Aviator

Introducing Aviator, one of the stunning hotels shortlisted for Independent Hotel of the Year at the Independent Hotel Show Awards, in partnership with Preferred Hotels & Resorts.


Describe Aviator in three words

Luxurious, understated, modern.

What makes Aviator unique?

The timeless style, the visually impressive central rotunda, and the shape of the building. Aviator imitates the shape of a propeller when viewed from above which not many people know.

The views of the private Farnborough Airport runway are breathtaking and guests can quite literally lie in bed and watch the private jets ascending and descending. This is something you would struggle to find anywhere else in the world.

What’s the best thing about being an independent hotel?

We are not restricted by higher powers meaning we can make changes within a short time scale to give the guest a better experience. This allows us to continuously improve the service we offer.

What keeps guests returning to your hotel year-on-year?

Undoubtedly the service we provide. We work hard and focus on the details and therefore the feedback we receive from guests speaks for itself. We strive to ensure every part of the guest journey is faultless.

Why should the industry vote for Aviator to win Independent Hotel of the Year 2023?

Not only are we financially successful, but Aviator has implemented many initiatives within the last five years that focus on employee wellbeing and training, community engagement, and sustainability. Our strong focus on these, in addition to top tier guest experience, sets us apart from other hotels.

Cast your vote now. 

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