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hoteliers choice

We are delighted to announce the Hoteliers' Choice initiative is retuning for Independent Hotel Show 2024. Hoteliers' Choice is a concept designed to put hotel suppliers in the spotlight! The winning suppliers will be recognised as truly innovative and unique businesses who continue to inspire and bring significant value to the hotel sector. 

Do you know a supplier who is leading the way when it comes to quality services or innovative and creative concepts? Do they create an unparalleled product for the independent hotel market? If so, we want to hear from you! Simply complete the short form below to place you submission.

View the 2023 winners below and submit your 2024 nominations here before Monday 1 April 2024.


Consensus Group

Consensus Group

Consensus Group: Gamechangers in Hygiene, Health, Hospitality & Happiness

Throughout history, Hygiene and Hospitality have proven to be crucial for Health, Happiness, and well-being. Humans feel at best in clean and pleasant environments that are welcoming. Not only does this sum improve wellbeing and health, it also improves productivity and self-worth. Consensus Group understand that you wish your employees, customers, visitors, patients and students to experience this feeling. That's why they make it their mission to provide current and future generations with solutions that help set higher standards for a cleaner and therefore healthier world.

Consensus Sustainable Cleaning Concept fits right in, including their aqueous ozone spray bottle and other cleaning tools. With this concept you have one bottle to clean, deodorize and sanitize with. You replace all daily chemicals and leaving no residues or dyes behind. Especially not in combination with the correct and sustainable cleaning tools. This is the safest and most sustainable alternative for daily cleaning replacing thousands of plastic chemical bottles, reducing time, logistics, plastic and waste using only tap water. Consensus Group eliminate the risk of surface damaging, diluting errors, hazardous training while reducing bacteria on hard surfaces. It’s very easy: Fill – Spray – Wipe!

Malée Natural Science

Malée Natural Science

Their story begins with a young African woman who dared to dream.

A woman who wanted to share her passion for the people, natural beauty and healing rituals of her home continent. To create a brand that could change her life and others’ for the better. So she did.

In 2010, Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao launched Malée – a luxury fragrance, bath and body care range inspired by generations of African healing rituals and time-honoured beauty traditions.

This ancient wisdom advocated the powerful healing properties of 100% pure plant-based ingredients sourced from nature itself. These traditions live on in Malée, with their efficacy proven by modern science.

Pet Hamper

Pet Hamper

Pet Hamper, launched in 2020, is the team behind thousands of happy pets around the UK and beyond. The business stocks delicious pet treats and premium quality toys which have been hand-picked from suppliers around the world. After becoming an online and social media hit, the business opened its first physical store earlier this year.

At Pet Hamper they’re committed to adding value to your pet friendly hospitality offering with a range of beautifully presented, high quality hampers. Whether it’s simply a gesture to welcome the four-legged guests into the room, or a larger hamper filled with all the essentials for the pets stay, they can work to your budget and requirements. Tailoring the hamper around your brand and aesthetic.

Savyll Beverage

Savyll Beverage

Savyll was started by self-proclaimed “dinner party mixologist” Avnish Babla. He has always loved to entertain friends and family, and to experiment with new, innovative cocktail ideas.

A career in the corporate world meant alcohol was ever-present; team events, client meetings, holiday parties – alcohol was hard to avoid.

When he became an expectant father, he and his wife vowed to live healthier lifestyles, which included moderating alcohol.

However, he soon discovered the challenges of moderation given the limited choice of mature, complex non-alcoholic drinks on the market.

Avnish felt removed from the world of the sophisticated alcoholic drinks that he loved. In response, he turned his passion for mixing cocktails into a mission to reinvent their alcohol-free namesakes.

After a year of experimenting in his kitchen, followed by another year of meticulous product development with the support of an award-winning beverage developer, Avnish crafted a range of natural, alcohol-free, ready-to-serve cocktails.



Wildmore is a British interior décor brand and maker of unique furnishings and homeware. They are known for their imaginative wallpapers, creative use of colour and eclectic pieces. Founded in 2020 by Lauren Veasey, their collections are designed in house at the Wildmore Studio in New York, Lincolnshire and all sourced in the UK.

They thrive on bringing together, their exclusive range of Wildmore prints and sourcing wonderful vintage décor to create unique schemes and the perfect atmosphere. Sustainability is close to their heart. Wildmore uses delicious cotton velvets, rich linens, organic cottons, source their wallpapers in the UK and they are all for finding exceptional antique pieces and giving them a new life. Lauren delights in cherry picking wonderful vintage home accessories, bringing life back to previously loved pieces. With very little awareness and discussion surrounding the impact of Fast Furnishing, she is committed to building Wildmore around designs that should be adored and cherished, saving homeware from landfill and minimising consumption of raw materials.

Wildmore weaves together a love of colour and curiosity to inject eccentricity into distinctive spaces.