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Aiello Assistant is the most advanced Voice AI Solution specially crafted for the hospitality industry. Fully customized to hotel needs, we help hoteliers better understand modern guests and implement a contactless & frictionless experience. We use voice technology to put guests and their privacy at the centre of hotel operations. Leveraging actionable data and insights, Aiello works with innovative hotel brands to optimize their business decisions.


Unit A1 , Connaught Business Centre, Hyde Estate R
United Kingdom



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  • Aiello uses AI voice technology to create new guest interactions and provide enhanced services with valuable insights for hotels to better understand their guests and streamline their operations. 
  • Aiello interviews some of our dear hotel clients and is delighted to work with such forward-thinking hotel industry leaders.
  • Aiello partnered with Le Meridien Taipei for the AI transformation. By leveraging the power of AI, we can now better understand the customers' preferences and predict the demand and actual needs.
  • Robbert Manussen from IHG sees the true spirit in luxury hospitality and embraces the value of technologies and the guest's engagement.
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