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Unyfi is a market-leading, comprehensive solutions provider specialising in energy procurement, merchant services, and waste management. 

Our expertise lies in identifying the optimal energy solutions - gas, electric or sustainable - to suit your business needs. Our proven track record, particularly in the hospitality sector, stands testament to our reliability and commitment. 

We don't stop at energy. Our extensive services include managing merchant accounts, implementing state-of-the-art payment terminal technologies, and offering Interchange++ pricing. These tailored solutions streamline your business operations and facilitate smooth transactions. 

Harnessing industry insights, rigorous analysis, and robust supplier networks, we negotiate unbeatable rates, always guided by our commitment to ethical pricing. Transparency and fairness are the cornerstones of our operations, ensuring a partnership that you can trust. 

In the intricate realm of waste management, we provide versatile solutions, including flexible 30-day rolling contracts, to reposibly manage and minimise waste. This enhances your environmental stewardship and supports your sustainability initiatives. 

At Unyfi, supplier management is our strength, freeing your resources to focus on core business activities. The tangible cost benefits we deliver are coupled with the invaluable peace of mind in knowing that expert hands handle your essential services. 

Unyfi isn't just another service provider; we're your trusted partner, passionate about propelling your business towards efficiency and sustainability. Embard on a journey with us today to unlock a future of possibilities. 


1 The Hide Market
West Street
United Kingdom

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