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UNO Hotels

Stand: 2180
  • Private & White Labelling
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Management & consulting services
  • Management & Consulting Services
  • Operations services
  • Hotel / Accommodation
  • Gallery Level
UNO Hotels

Uno Hotels is one of the most active hotel investors in the UK and is continually monitoring hotel markets for potential investments. Due to its vast presence in the hospitality industry, Uno Hotels has exceptional operational competence, extensive industry knowledge, and solid connections with the biggest hospitality brands, financiers, and consultants worldwide.


As a result, Uno Hotels has consistent flow of agreements and a solid reputation for completing both actively advertised and off-market negotiated transactions.

Uno Hotels endeavours to acquire assets at the ideal point and offer its co-investors substantial returns. Uno Hotels goal is to invest in potential properties and add value to the asset.

Rebranding the hotel, repositioning the product through capital investments, and enhancing management and profitability are typically used in tandem to create value.

Uno Hotels has invested in various types of hotels including limited service, extended stay, mid-market, full service, boutique and upscale properties.


264 Northfield Avenue
W5 4UB
United Kingdom

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