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BŌKEN Watches

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BŌKEN Watches

 BŌKEN Watches is a Japanese-named, Swiss Made, British Brand. We craft meticulously designed timepieces that embody the spirit of adventure and elegance. Perfect for the discerning guest, our watches add a touch of luxury to your hospitality offering.

Why BŌKEN Watches?

  • Premium Quality: Our watches are made with the finest materials, ensuring durability and style that lasts.
  • Customizable Designs: We offer bespoke customization options, allowing you to feature your hotel's logo or create special editions for exclusive events.
  • Unique Experience: Offer your guests a memorable keepsake that captures the essence of their stay at your prestigious establishment.

Special Edition Customization

Elevate your brand with our special edition watches, tailored to reflect your hotel's identity. Whether it’s for VIP guests, special events, or retail in your hotel boutique, our customizable options allow you to integrate your logo seamlessly into our sophisticated designs.

Connect with Us

Join us at the Independent Hotel Show to discover how BŌKEN Watches can enhance your guest experience. Let’s create something extraordinary together. You can book time with us at


United Kingdom

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