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Arribatec Hospitality AS

Stand: 1605
  • Technology
  • Guest experience
  • Check-in technology
  • Loyalty technology
  • Self-service technology
  • Hotel / Accommodation
  • Equipment > Technology
Arribatec Hospitality AS

We specialise in delivering modern, sleek and luxurious self-check-in solutions tailored for the hospitality industry. Through innovative kiosks and a user-friendly mobile web app, we empower hotels to bid farewell to outdated paper processes and welcome in a new era of efficiency.

Our comprehensive suite of services doesn't just stop at eliminating paperwork. By automating check-in procedures, we help hotels boost their revenue streams, maximize staff productivity, and ultimately enhance the overall guest experience. With our solutions in place, guests can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free check-in process, leaving them with more time to indulge in what truly matters during their stay.


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