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The Revenue and Sales Package

RegiÔtels Stand: 2277

Unlock new revenue streams with RegiOtels services:

Revenue Management:
Simplify revenue tasks with dynamic pricing and efficient rate management. Our data-driven pricing insights keep you ahead of market trends through periodic reviews.

Online Distribution:
Boost your digital footprint with OTA optimisation, regular content updates, and strategic promotions. Precise rate-setting through Channel Manager connection ensures optimal distribution.

Choose from tailored services like website creation, targeted ads, and one-on-one support to boost your digital presence and business growth.


  • Education & training services
  • Information technology services
  • Management & consulting services
  • Marketing services
  • Research & insights services
  • Channel manager
  • Property management systems
  • Vacation rentals & accomodations
  • Booking systems
  • Other technology
  • Artisan/ Speciality/ Fine
  • Functional
  • Other