Spiezia Organics: Health is the New Wealth

Spiezia Organics: Health is the New Wealth

Ahead of showcasing her organic products and treatments at the Show in October, Amanda Barlow, former hotelier and Managing Director of Spiezia Organics tells us why Health is the New Wealth and how hoteliers can engage the wellness tourism market.


As the world becomes an increasingly challenging place there is a massive global consumer trend towards health, wellbeing and mindfulness. There has been significant growth in two affluent market segments, which have been classified as True Believers and Enlightened Environmentalists. These people are interested in authenticity and when they purchase they make conscious decisions based on ethics and values.

Underpinned by scientific research it is clear that the new wealth is health. Latest stats show that Wellness Tourism is expected to grow 50% faster than the overall tourism industry over the next 5 years. As a sector it now represents around 80% of the tourism market.

The global wellness tourism market expanded to $494 billion in revenues in 2013, a 12.5 % gain over 2012, and significantly outpacing growth forecast of 9%. This trend is continuing.

The global spa industry grew from $60 billion in 2007 to $94 billion in 2013 – or an annual 7.7 % growth rate, even across long global recession years.


To date there is an estimated 27% increase in the number of spas worldwide in the last seven years: from 71,762 in 2007 to 105,591 today.

Underpinning all of this the latest Soil Association report shows a 21.6% growth in the UK in the Health & Beauty Market. Sales of certified organic health & beauty products in the UK are now £54.2M (£44.6m last year).

The simple fact is that whether they represent the leisure or business traveller, your guest is more interested in health. Not only is 80% of Global Tourism wellbeing linked, research shows that 40% of hotel guests want to maintain a healthy lifestyle while travelling.  That includes your corporate market.


Many large hotel groups have already started to implement changes within their policies and structures to address this. As the Wellness trend grows, it would be wise to take this on board and enhance services and facilities to reflect this. There are many opportunities to create special services, activities and breaks; all tailored around individual wellbeing needs – from families to independent business or leisure guest. 

Research clearly shows that wellness tourists are high yield, spending on average 130% more than an average tourist. They offer excellent opportunities for secondary spend when there is a unique and quality offering. Links to wellbeing, mindfulness, nutrition and health are all superb opportunities to enhance occupancy levels and the individual hotel.

43% of consumers look for a certification symbol when they buy a natural or organic personal care product. Significantly increased spend by under 35's in organic purchases linking into spa and gifting opportunities drives revenue and customer satisfaction.


A loyal returning guest is worth their weight in gold! Consider your location and your clientele. How do your retain them?  Offering enhanced services linked into wellbeing or gifting will ensure that you stand out as service orientated and caring.  Spa services offer excellent opportunities and also enhance your SEO as it is one of the highest listed features for Google.  Buyers often base their purchasing decision on access to a gym and leisure facilities.


The use of fresh locally sourced and organic produce is becoming increasingly popular and encouraging customers to work alongside a chef and then dine in, increasing revenue opportunities.  At Budock Vean we won many awards for our sustainable strategy and integrated this with a focus on wellbeing. As a former Hotelier with over 30 years of Tourism and Hospitality experience we constantly learned and watched trends and had an average annual occupancy of 78% with a 65% retention of guests.

Major hotel groups are already well down the line in developing integrated in-room wellbeing programmes.  They are also offering packages which include wellbeing for children, healthy menus and activities which are accessible to all.  A key trend is spas now opening their doors to all including those going through cancer.

Caring for guests' health and enhancing their experience encourages repeat custom. Mindful guided walks, trails and running outside all are strongly linked into the ‘Green Gym' which has been scientifically proven to enhance health and wellbeing over and above a normal gyms.  Getting ‘back to Nature' offers a low cost but high perceived value experience. It is simply a huge trend and offers opportunities to be innovative and be different.


Treating a guest as an individual through tailoring their arrival and offering additional services so that when they arrive, they feel special is vital. The growth and awareness of mindfulness within the business sector provides new and unique opportunities for all sectors including housekeeping to enhance spend in other areas of the hotel.  Amenities which link into spa helps to enhance secondary spend.

Providing calm spaces within spa and outdoor wellness and fitness programmes alongside opportunities to purchase and take wellbeing home as part of a visit all extend brand awareness and enhance perception.  Often sustainable strategies also reduce costs and enhance relationships within local communities too.

“Health is the new Wealth” and Millennials are leading the way in terms of driving consumer trends within the tourism sector. It offers great opportunities. Seize them!


Find out more about Spiezia Organics.


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