5 essential tips for optimising the way you run your hotel

5 essential tips for optimising the way you run your hotel

The rise of Airbnb, consumers with a heavy reliance on online travel agents and soaring expectations from ever-discerning guests. Running a hotel in 2016 is no easy business, in fact, staying ahead of the competition and delivering more to your guests becomes harder each year.

That's why hoteliers who set about optimising the way they run their hotel have one thing everyone in the industry wishes they could have more of; time. In short, by streamlining and automating core processes like scheduling, budgeting and forecasting, time and attendance and absence management, hoteliers are able to spend more time focussing on the quality of experience they deliver to their guest and less time focussing on a computer screen.

Many hotels have always used technology to deliver a better experience for their customers. Whether this takes the shape of smarter communications with customers or an enhanced in-room experience, hotels lead the way when it comes to embracing technology.

And it's this ethos which is seeing more hotels embrace intelligent business software, like a workforce management solution, to help them optimise the way their hotel is run.

Here are five ways better workforce management will help improve your business and the experience for your guests and employees.


1. Better control of labour cost.

Labour cost forms a hugely significant part of every hotels expenditure, something that's been compounded by the implementation of the National Living Wage. That's why being able to control this cost should be a top priority for every hotel. A good workforce management tool will help you make savings by controlling these costs more effectively, from managing overtime to creating smarter rotas.


2. Reduce your administration time.

According to a study from HR.com nearly 60% of hotels surveyed say they see an improvement in their administrative efficiency when they start using workforce management software. A good workforce management solution will automate key processes and save time, particularly for managers, every single day. Labour intensive tasks become automated and this is where the biggest time savings are made.


3. More time for your guests.

The time savings mentioned above are most keenly felt by the hotel's management team. On average, a manager using a workforce management solution to create rotas and communicate with staff saves up to 9 hours a week. This means they have more time to spend working with your staff to deliver the best possible experience for your guests.


4. Happier employees.

Employee engagement has been high on the agenda for a long time but has really taken centre stage in 2016. Why? Because the study after study shows that businesses who have engaged employees perform better.

They're more productive, more motivated and, crucially for many, make the hotel they work for more profitable. Hotels who use a workforce management solution are able to empower and engage their employees by giving them control of when they work. Through an app employees are able to request when they want to work, easily swap shift and fill empty shifts with a the push of a button.

Through this optimisation, the right people are always where they need to be and, what's even more powerful, is they are happy to be there.

Mark Cribb, owner of the Urban Guild, a hotel and hospitality business in Bournemouth, says this has a big impact for his staff:

“We've been using Quinyx to create our schedules for a number of years and it gives us the ability to be flexible and make last minute changes to our rotas, something vital in our industry. What's more, it's enjoyable to use. We're in an industry that's meant to be fun and Quinyx makes it as fun as it can be.”

5. Powerful insights.

Nearly two thirds of hotel managers say they have a better insight into their hotel's performance from using a workforce management solution. From the number of sick days taken to the number of hours worked against those budgeted, they are able to see and influence real time data to manage their hotel more effectively.

The future of workforce management in hotels will see big data, mobile technology and cloud computing combining to offer unprecedented insight into each hotel's performance.

At Quinyx, our aim is to create an intelligent, proactive and intuitive solution which will fundamentally change the way hotels operate and employees interact with their employers. To see how we can help you head over to quinyx.com and click on ‘Discover Quinyx' to book a call with one of our team.


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