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Diversey leads the way in sustainable cleaning and hygiene solutions for the hospitality sector

Choose from cleaning chemicals, floorcare machines, tools and training services to protect your business, manage risk, control costs, improve efficiency and enhance reputation


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  • The all-new Pro Formula range is a full set of easy-to-use cleaning products from Diversey that meets demand from food service businesses to complete routine tasks quickly, economically and with excellent results.

  • The Sure Way To Greener Cleaning

    01 Jul 2016 Keith Wootton Diversey

    The new SURE™ range from Diversey Care is a complete set of plant-based, 100 per cent biodegradable cleaning products. They are designed to deliver superior professional results while being safe and gentle for people and the environment. The range covers all routine and daily cleaning requirements in kitchens, washrooms and personal care. All 18 products meet typical eco-certification criteria and, where applicable, are EU Ecolabel certified or have approval pending.

  • The new TASKI swingo 150B scrubber drier from Diversey is a high-performance battery-powered machine that is ideal for cleaning small floors quickly and efficiently without the restriction and potential hazards of a mains cable. It is particularly suitable for opportunity and daytime cleaning in the restaurant, washrooms, and lift areas, where its autonomy allows it to be used whenever and wherever required with optimum safety.

    The machine’s high-efficiency powerful Lithium-Ion battery provides enough power for 20 minutes of continuous cleaning. It can be replaced quickly with a fully-charged unit whenever needed to support ongoing cleaning or fully recharged in-situ in just 90 minutes. The battery also supports short-period opportunity or top-up charging during breaks or when the user is completing other tasks. In the majority of applications this ensures the machine is effectively available whenever needed.

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